12 Common Myths about Writers Debunked

12 Common Myths about Writers Debunked

Most of us have a writer in our close circle. However, not all of us know how a writer lives their life. If you have “myths” in mind about writers, you’re in the right place. Keep reading this blog as we will debunk twelve common myths about writers – let’s dive in!


1.     Writers are good editors

Most people think only a “good story” is needed to make a book famous. But the truth is that there are several other elements like Editing that increase a book’s value. Nobody would want to read a book that is replete with grammar mistakes.

Editors are people trained to find and remove mistakes from a manuscript. Not every writer is a great reader, and most of the established writers have received help from editors throughout history.

A writer can find editors in any major city. For example, if you’re a writer located in San Francisco, you can link up with San Francisco book editors to get your book edited.


2.     Writers don’t write for free

Writers DO get paid for writing books, contributing to publications, and writing content for marketing needs. But it doesn’t mean that writers only write to make money.

You can find writers who write for Wattpad and Not-for-profit newspapers. Writing for free allows writers to increase their readership and helps them get discovered online.

Many newbie writers contribute to their college’s webzine so they can put something on their CV. All in all, writers can write for free if they want to contribute to a cause or get recognition.


3.     Writers require specific education

Writers need to read and contemplate as much as they can. Reading allows a person to reflect upon the ideas of others and to create an opinion of their own – an ability that most writers need.

But being “well-read” doesn’t mean writers need specific education to write a book. For example, a writer can write an amazing book even if they have not studied literature in college. Anybody can become an amazing writer if they pursue writing with passion.

However, it’s true that joining “writing workshops” can help a person acquire skills that have helped other famous writers in the past.


4.     Writers don’t reveal their plot

One of the reasons why people think writers don’t socialize is that they don’t want to reveal their story plots to others. The truth is that nobody can steal a writer’s plot even if they hear every detail of their story.

There’s no denying that writers are possessive about their plots. It’s not beneficial for the writer to share the plot of their story with everyone.

However, even if you share your plot with others as a writer, you can still claim the “copyright” to your story. Saving your plot on cloud storage can prove that you came up with the idea first, even if someone steals your plot.


5.     Writers easily publish their books

Getting a book published is not as easy for a writer as people think. Writers must undergo a long process before becoming “published writers.

Most writers first have to link up with a publishing agent. It’s the agent’s job to send the manuscript to different publishers and get a thumbs up from the publishers.

Self-publishing is another option for writers, but it’s a risky one. Only those writers who have a sizable following can choose self-publishing and still make money.

6.     Writers are delusional

Most writers can write interesting stories about fictional people and events. Their creative and imaginative ability is the reason why many people label writers as “delusional” people.

In reality, writers are people who are deeply connected with reality. They have the mindset to see through things and can present their worldview through their words.


7.     Writers want fame

Who doesn’t want to be famous in this world? It’s in human nature to crave attention and fame. People throughout the ages have been doing things to get famous. Non-writers think that writers too want to get famous, which is why they write in the first place.

The truth is that publishing a book doesn’t guarantee immediate fame for a writer. Most writers will tell you that they write because they want to share their feelings with others.


8.     Writers earn good money

Another common misconception about writers is that they earn A TON of money. The truth is that most writers struggle with finances. Writers who spend their days and nights writing don’t pursue any activity that can help them make money.

However, some writers have earned a lot. J.K Rowling is one of the famous writers who have made a fortune because of their writing skills.


9.     Writers are narcissists

Thinkers, artists, and creative people have always been labeled as “narcissists” throughout the ages. Writers who write about controversial topics give “hot takes” that not everybody can applaud. In case their views contradict society, they are quickly labeled as “narcissists” by the masses.

Narcissism or altruism is a trait that anyone might have. It’d be harsh to assume that all writers are narcissists and love to force their views on others.


10. Writers have no social life

Most writers spend their days and nights sitting inside and doing one thing they love – writing. There’s no denying that most writers are introverts who don’t find social activities to be “fun.”

However, introversion is not a trait that all writers share. Some writers hang around with their friends whenever they get a chance. And there are those writers as well who don’t like to get out of their homes.


11. Writers write daily

It takes daily practice to get good at something, right? People think that writers have to write daily to finish their books. The truth is that not all writers have a “ritualistic” practice of writing daily. You can come across those who give limited time to their writing hobby.

Most writers have other activities going on in their life. Some writers only write a week thrice to get their creative juices flowing.


12. Writers have lots of free time

People who don’t think highly of writers have the misconception that writers have a ton of free time. The truth is that, in reality, most writers have a strict routine that makes it hard for them to even get asleep at night. It is the specific routine that allows writers to concentrate on a topic and write about it.

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