4 Benefits of Online Fitness Classes You Must Know  

Are you done with staying unfit the whole lockdown? Is the only activity you do these days is playing online Breakout escape rooms? Then, this is the right time for you to start exploring new fitness ideas. It is safe to say that all of us have had our fill of staying home all day and making the bed our best friend. With the New Year ushered in, it is the perfect time to reset and work on all the things that have been ignored all this while- starting with fitness!     


Why is fitness important during these times?   

Staying at home, lying in bed, can look tempting, but after some time, it gives you backaches. But we often shy away from taking up fitness routines because we are culturally wired to think of it as a time-consuming, expensive, and luxury activity. But in reality, fitness is a much more flexible concept. You do not need to sign up for a gym to get fit. Fitness comes in several forms, whether it be yoga classes, intense home workouts, or even dance classes.   


Another part of fitness called mental fitness also became important at this time. When you are locked at the house with nothing physical to do, you start developing thoughts of body images that affect your mental fitness. With the fear of going out and the constant lockdowns, online fitness classes have become a great way to stay regular and keep you healthy. Whether it be taking fitness classes through apps, or taking individual zoom classes, taking care of your health has never been more accessible than now!   

4 Benefits of Online Fitness Classes  

If you are someone who has been procrastinating every day about taking the first step into your fitness journey, then this is a sign for you to get out of bed and get started with your fitness journey.  

1. Stops you from turning into a couch potato

When you get out of your bed to do some physical activity of your choice, like dancing, yoga, or workouts, your body gets activated and energized. You can sign up for 3 or 4 classes every week instead of daily ones. Taking online fitness classes helps you keep up the regularity and consistency. It helps in setting the right tone for the day and stops you from getting back into the trap of lounging in bed for unhealthy hours.  

2. Less burden on the pocket

Online fitness classes are comparatively less expensive than offline classes. The costs are lower because it includes only the cost of guidance by the instructor. The additional cost of equipment and the services you might get offline are excluded. You can also look for free tutorials on YouTube or Instagram and follow along!  

3. Customized according to you

An additional benefit of taking online classes is that they are customizable according to your needs. If you are available to work out late at night, there will be trainers available even then. The app-based fitness classes give you a chance to get one-on-one time with the instructor according to your time requirements. There are many applications available like the cult fit, studio GX, and more, where you can opt for group classes anytime. So, there is no chance of giving the excuse of time!  

4. You will feel motivated

Physical exercises stimulate the release of brain chemicals like dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. These chemicals help in the regulation of everyday mood. If you get out of our cozy corners to exercise, your body gets adjusted to the routine and helps you to stay active. When you stay in bed all day long, the release of these chemicals gets altered, resulting in a lazy, anxious, or weird mood, and hence you don’t have the desire to work. The online classes ensure that we get regular with our fitness and stay motivated.   


Staying at home for long periods can be daunting and make you vulnerable to many health conditions, including obesity, high blood pressure, high heart rate, and overall low immunity. Online fitness classes might just become the right first step for you to get out of this limbo and do something purely for yourself. The beginning is a challenge, but once you get into the habit of regular exercise, you will see positive results guaranteed. Remember, you need to take care of your body now so that it can take care of you later. 





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