Best Headshots
Best Headshots

4 Tips to Take Professional Headshots

Professional headshots are a virtual representation of yourself to employers and throughout your work field, which is why it is one of the most important and tricky pictures to be taken.

You can hire the best wedding photographyin Towson MD to have your pictures taken as they have many specialized camera lenses and an editing team to get your portrait right.

Besides having a professional take your photo, other factors speak up a lot about you on your profile or portfolio that affects the quality of your picture.  Here are some tips to always come out looking your best.

Dress Accordingly

Choosing what dress to wear is the most important thing to keep in mind when going for a professional headshot photo. Many people tend to forget that they are going to be cropped out below the chest in most headshot photos and that usually ends up looking bad when you do not give much thought to the issue.

Some professional headshots may even end up being brought down to the scale of black and white, balancing all the glittering and shiny colors, so it is always better to choose your dress according to the type of photo being taken.

Dry Skin

You may have seen a professional photographer setting up for a picture to be taken and always notice how many lights and flashes he has set up around. These additional lights are to get a maximum highlight of your features so everything is captured.

But this has a way of working against you at certain points, especially in the summer. Any sweat on your skin or over-makeup may create an unnecessary gloss on your skin, which never looks good. So going to the toilet to wash your face off or using wet-wipes before a picture will have you looking much fresh.


The hairstyle is one of the most important things to take into account when getting ready for a professional headshot. If you have a bad hair day then there is very little that can be done about it in the editing. Editing hair is one of the most demanding chores as there are hundreds of lines going out in different directions, and is usually never included in the basic package.

Blow-drying your hair into your natural style and giving it a little more emphasis than your normal days will go a long way in getting that perfect lookout.

Natural Posture

The thing that you get to hear the most from professional headshot photographers is to be as natural as you can for the photo. If you normally wear glasses then do care to clean them before appearing before the lens to have your photo taken.

If you have a good side (most people do!) then be sure to present that side to the camera and give out an unforced and natural expression when having your photo taken. Your picture is going to be in your portfolio, which is why it has to look as close as you in daily life.