anniversary cakes

Hey newly weds and our promising old love birds, today we have for you some tips to make your anniversary cakes and days special. But before we get to it, why do you think is it important? Well the answer lies in the promises you make to each other the day you vow and marry. You two constantly take care of each other beyond your own imagination. It’s only after you have been in this relationship that you realise its a full time job and then you take care of it constantly. No matter how much you stand against stereotypical words like compromise, sacrifice and housework it’s only after you have your life partner that you realise it’s inevitable. Not only the girl makes sacrifices in her choice and life schedule, the boy does too. Boys also cut out on their trips, and come back buying vegetables, make tea in the mornings and cook sunday breakfast, they help you with your excel sheets and also drop you at the office. And so it’s definitely a balance you two have to maintain. And now that it’s been a year and more for many, you know it’s important to make most out of days like an anniversary. 

So to help you charm your other half, to live a long happy married life and to wish happy anniversary the most legit way possible, here’s some cake ideas that you can order and make at home too. 

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  • Photo cake

It is a special day and calls for a special cake much like this one. You can give a photo of you and your wife to the chosen bakery and they will execute it nicely. Flavours like black forest, red velvet, pineapple can work well. Also you can jam pack a rose bouquet with it to make it more love filled. 

  • Heart shaped cake

A heart shaped cake is a perfect choice especially when it’s all about the day of love. It has to be red velvet so that it does look like a throbbing heart. And on the center get a 3d card or milk chocolate brooch that says I love you. A dollop of tasty jelly in the center can also be a nice idea for topping. And ferrero rocher is a good choice too. 

  • Pinata cake

Everyone is aware of the delicious pinata cakes and the fun it gives to everyone involved. What you can do is under the frozen mould along with a cake you can put some presents, greeting card or the most amazing option, a ring. The mould here can be chocolate, milk chocolate strawberry or any other flavour you like. 

  • Chocolate toppings cake

How about a cake that is all about chocolate toppings and if you and your partner are a fan there’s no further discussion. Get kitkat, Ferrero Rocher, Dairy Milk, Lindt Lindor, chocolate swirls and milk chocolate if you may like. A contrasting taste can be achieved by having it all on a pineapple cake. And if it has to be ultimate it has to be on a chocolate cake. 

  • Rainbow cake

Rainbow cakes can be a slightly deviated choice but not if you use our idea along with it. The specialty of the rainbow cake will stay the same, the bread layers in multi colour and vanilla cream on the top. The next thing that makes it delicious is the flood of gems in the center that splashes out as one cuts a slice of the cake. Instead of gems poor chits like greeting cards to convey heartfelt messages. And the gems can still be on the top.