How to Set Up a Photography Business
How to Set Up a Photography Business

5 Reasons Why You Are Still An Amateur At Video Creation

Video marketing is one strategy that is becoming an imperative part of marketing for all brands. It was always there, but in this digital age, with so many options to create and upload video content, marketers have to use this method to thrive. Also, video content is quite popular amongst the audience because we retain a message clearly when we see it. So, creating video and incorporating it in your marketing strategy is vital for a business to get high engagement and leads.

But as simple as creating a video may sound, it is not. Even if you are sharing the video on YouTube, you need quality content, excellent equipment, precise editing, and more.Giving your video or channel a personlsed look is also very important. Adding a logo as your channel image or adding in video thumbnail will give videos a personalied touch and helps to increase brand value. If you are just starting a channel and not willing to spend much on professional logo design service then you can opt for logo creator tool also. Even your video marketing needs promotion to ensure it increases your conversion rates. Thus, creating an amateur video won’t work. If your video marketing is getting a meek response from customers, it is because it is not professional or of high quality. In this blog, we will explore a few points that will ensure your videos are the best.

  1. Not knowing the type of videos, you want to create

A business can create 12 types of video. Knowing what will work best at what time gives you a chance to create quality videos. It also depends on the customers and what they want to see. So, here the video types:

  • Demo videos where you how your services or products works
  • Brand videos for the bigger pictures. It shows your goal and for creating brand awareness. It is part of the overall advertisement campaign.
  • Event video is a reel or YouTube short vlog showing the highlight of your event or conference. It can go on any social media or on a brand’s website.
  • Expert interview videos build trust and provide valuable information to the customer. Reach out of industry leaders or in-house experts.
  • Explainer videos are bit story oriented focusing on why a product is suitable for you?
  • Educational videos show how to best use a product for their betterment.

These are the main types of videos that a brand can make. Other types include:

  • Live
  • Animation
  • Customer feedback
  • AR, and

Personalized videos.

  1. Not planning the video

Now, you know the type, but planning the video will give you clarity as to what your goals are and choosing the type of video will be easy.

All you need to do is figure out:

  • Goals you have for the video. Do you want to increase sales or increase product awareness? Knowing about all this will help you create the perfect video.
  • What does your customer want to see? Maybe they are having problems with working the product, so a demo video will have more engagement than a feedback one.
  • Budget, creative needs, the platform you will be sharing it on, and so on.

Knowing all this is planning and leads to other things.

  1. Not Including outro in all videos

    An outro is integral to your videos irrespective of the platform you are sharing it on. Why? Because here you can include your CTAs and grow customers and engagement rate. When you include an outro which needs to be eight seconds long, you can ask your customers to subscribe or click on a product link or more.

It makes sure that the customers explore more of what you can offer to them. Therefore, an outro needs to be compelling and visually correct. So, use an outro maker tool to get it right every time.

  1. Not having a proper space

You do not need to create a studio from the get-go, especially an individual who is looking to earn using video content. But you do need a proper space where there is no distraction. A space with proper lighting and enough space to put background.A studio you can build brick by brick. But make sure you have a few pieces of equipment:

  • A camera or a smartphone with a high-quality camera
  • Editing knowledge and software
  • Microphone
  • One artificial light. Increase with time.
  1. Make organization your goal

Editing a video requires some discipline so your computer needs tons of space. First, don’t store any footage on the desktop as they are huge in size. Store them in an external drive. Secondly, store them according to project and scene in files. That will make editing neat and precise.

These tips are effective but not every tip will work for your business. As your industry and nature of business differ, you will have to improvise your strategies. However, not trying these tips means your videos will never improve. So, keep trying and learning, and you will reach your goals.