5 Tips To Ace Your First Escape Room! 

 The old and monotonous activities of life can undeniably lead to the ultimate exhaustion of our abilities. The demanding tone of life leaves people completely drained out without even the tiniest bit of excitement. It lures in the gloomy clouds of laziness and unproductivity. Therefore, to change the narrative, it is undeniably important to dwell all our senses in heart-palpitating encounters that give us a dopamine surge.   

What better way to increase our mental horizons than challenging our abilities with a pinch of Escape room games, right? While the concept of escape room games is just a decade old, this unique strategy of bamboozling individuals with twisted puzzles is spreading like wildfire. These 60 minutes long escape games call for unlimited fun that can be enjoyed with our best buds and family.   

If you are also someone who wants to savor the taste of victory in an escape room game, look no more because you have come to just the perfect place. This article has discussed five tips that will help you comprehend the way out of these mini chambers. So, without wasting any more minutes, let us straight away get into unraveling the tips and tricks of winning an escape room game!  

1) Pick Your Tribe  

We agree you might want to participate in these exhilarating activities of an escape room game with your best mates. You must understand that you might decrease the chances of your winning drastically if you pick the wrong individuals. Ensure that you follow the brand’s rules and regulations and select your group members according to the limit. If you opt for a larger group, make sure that you pick people who have valuable skills and knowledge in every aspect. It will allow you to unravel the mysteries before time and avoid all the unnecessary haphazard.   

Once in the game, you can strategically divide your task and take on different escape room challenges. When you decide to target the riddles and puzzles individually rather than attacking them with an entire group, you allow yourself to think and analyze carefully. It will permit you to make the correct decisions and come up with appropriate solutions.  

2) Plan Out To Manage The Time 

Escape room games are quite notorious for submerging individuals in their captivating environment. Thus, there have been countless players who failed to manage the time. Make sure that you do not fall for this vicious trap of an escape room game. Plan out in advance to strategically divide your time. According to us, you should not take more than 5 minutes to solve any puzzle.   


If you cannot unwind the hidden mysteries behind a riddle, leave it for a file and come back with your teammates. It will allow you to give yourself a fresh start. Moreover, you might also stumble upon an additional clue that would help you solve the complex puzzles. Therefore, following the time limit is undeniably a key point of winning an escape room adventure. Your game guide would repeatedly inform you about the remaining time limit. Make sure you do not panic and stay calm. It will be an extreme advantage as you might be able to fathom the victory before time slips away.  

3) Alway Communicate 

To savor the taste of victory, it is important that you attentively play the escape room games and diligently face all the challenges. But, there’s one more thing to this strategy! You must always communicate with your teammates. If you come across a puzzle, if you find a hidden clue, if you think that there might be a certain twist in the plot, and so forth, always verbalize your thoughts with your companions. The reason why we are saying this is because escape rooms are stacked up with puzzles in abundance. Any hidden clue can be concealed underneath your nose.   


Thus, if something seems out of the box, there are high chances that it is. So, inform your teammates to communicate and always tell them about any potential clue or valuable hints you come across.    


4) Keep All The Clues Organized  

As pressure fabricates, individuals tend to panic. It leads to disorganization and chaos. Not keeping a proper track of the clues and the collected data leads to jumbling up of all the valuable information. It is something that you might want to stick away from completely. If you fail to keep track of all your clues, you might waste a lot of necessary time organizing them all over again.   

Therefore, make sure to keep track of all the clues that you have collected so far. It will allow you to unravel the hidden mysteries and put two and two together before time slips away. It will save a lot of time and help you to find the missing pieces effortlessly.  

5) Make Sure To Enjoy!  

Lastly, escape room adventures are all about enjoying. They help you rejuvenate all your senses and have a blasting time with your loved ones. So, there’s no point in pressurizing yourself with the ultimate goal of victory. This mentality would hinder your celebration and negatively affects your time in an escape room game.  


Thus, make sure that you live each bit of these baffling rooms and admire their carefully put together layout. Focus on relishing with your amigos and fam-jam. Laugh and chuckle your way out of these mind-blowing puzzles, and we’re sure that you would have a treasurable memory to cherish for a lifetime! 


Escape room games have become extensively famous within a relatively short period. They have made sure to provide an extravagant gaming experience to all the game fanatics out there. Individuals can partake in a spellbinding enigma and their loved ones and get lost in the quirky games’ twisted conundrums.  

But, there’s no hiding the fact that only 40% of the participants who play these stupefying games can win! Therefore, we have summarized our valuable knowledge in the above article. If you want to put your best bet on these games and make sure that you’re in it to win it, then keep all the mentioned tips in mind.  


After examining countless reviews and analyzing several winners’ experience, we have successfully broken down their experience into 5 easy to comprehend pointers. Therefore, we are sure this article would undeniably be extremely helpful. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab the tickets to your favorite escape room brand today!