6 Epic Spanish Festivals that Reflect Rich Euro Culture
6 Epic Spanish Festivals that Reflect Rich Euro Culture

6 Epic Spanish Festivals that Reflect Rich Euro Culture

Dubbed as the liveliest country in the world, Spain is undoubtedly a traveler’s paradise. From lip-smacking cuisines to scenic beaches to surreal vistas to pleasant weather to architectural masterpieces, this country has everything to offer you an one-of-a-kind experience. Its heartwarming hospitality and historic charm lures visitors from every nook and corner of the world. From living the big moments to enjoying the little ones, the people of this country know how to treat life like a party. This land is blessed with innumerable festivals that reflect the rich Euro culture. So, what is stopping you now? Make British Airways Reservations now and lose yourself in the vibrant culture of this European country.

A Guide to 6 Vibrant Spanish Festivals to Enjoy an Ultimate Rush

Spain is a beautiful country with even more beautiful culture. The one thing that Spanish knows how to do in the best possible way is to throw a great party. Scroll down to know the 6 famous Spanish fiestas that you must attend at least once in a lifetime.

La Tomatina

The worthy name to unfold the list of epic Spanish festivals is none other than La Tomatina. Thanks to several Hollywood and Bollywood movies, everyone out there knows the craziness of this festival. Referred to as one of the famous events amidst travelers all over the world, La Tomatina is usually organized in August and greets a mind-boggling number of locals and tourists to Bunol who then smash the tomatoes and throw the same to each other. Commenced around 70 years ago, this fiesta has now become one of the most popular Spanish festivals that thousands of tickets just get sold out in a jiffy.

La Tamborrada

Counted amongst the famous and perhaps the noisiest festival in the country, La Tamborrada may even come across bizarre to some. Celebrated in January, this fiesta is the best way to welcome the new year. During this festival, a massive amount of children and adults come out on the street and play drums throughout the night and day for 24 hours. If you are a drum lover, then La Tamborrada might be the best bet for you where you can try your hands on the drums.

Semana Santa

Often known as the Holy Week, Semana Santa is one of the famous traditional Spanish festivals to enjoy. Taking place during Easter, this religious festival will surely strike a chord with you. In this festival, people come across the street carrying the statue of their church patron saint flanked by hundreds of candles. It is always said that even if you are not religious at heart, you still attend this festival at least once in a lifetime.


One of the unmissable Spanish festivals, Bolo Encierro is the modern version of the traditional ‘Running with Bulls’ festival. In this festival, the bull is replaced by a giant ball weighing 150kg. Instead of being chased by the bulls, you will be chased by these balls. After La Tomatina, this is among the most famous festivals in Spain.

Haro Wine Festival

Yet another on the list is the very famous Haro Wine festival. It is not just a festival but an extravaganza to attend in Spain. This festival is hosted in Haro, a small town in Northern Spain. This place is one of the leading producers of the finest red wine.


If music is something that sets you high, then Spain might be the best place to be. A famous four-day event, Benicassim is the Spanish music festival that brings all popular artists and brands on stage. Organized in Benicassim that is nestled between Barcelona and Valencia, this festival is something you ought to be the part of at least once in your life. Make Lufthansa Reservations to Spain now and enjoy this Spanish Music Festival by indulging in booze.