When you want to start your own business, it is not merely about the idea, but rather about making that idea happen, ‘A posse Ad Esse.’ But many enthusiastic entrepreneurs find it challenging to find investments and ideas before diving into the ocean of entrepreneurship. 

The first thing in this process is to determine the right business structure, as there are many options available in front of you, such as LLP, private limited company, one-person company, etc. But LLP is preferable among the business leaders as it provides limited liability on every partner. Suppose if you choose LLP, then LLP company registration becomes crucial; this can be done via online mode and the companies act. The same goes for the private limited company registration as well in India. Both of these processes can be done with the required documents and some compliances.

We all might have many ideas floating in our minds, but what we lack is the proper direction; once you give the direction to pictures, it comes reality. Starting a new business requires perseverance and determination with confidence to keep your energy and resources devoted to your business goals. This blog would make the process much easier for you, as it has seven profitable manufacturing business ideas by which you can start your entrepreneurial journey.

#1. Handmade candles

You will never see the plunge in demand for candles in the market, making it a preferable option while starting a new business. Most of this demand is driven by devotional and religious sentiments and purposes. Especially during the festive season, you would see a spike in demand for candles. Nowadays, many households, restaurants, and hotels have been using candles to create a perfect and suitable ambience. Candle-making business can be initiated even with a low amount of investment, varying from Rs. 20000 to 30000. The raw material needed to start a candle business includes molds, wick, wax, aroma oil, thread, etc. Other equipment such as pour pot, thermometer, weighing scale, melting pot, hammer, and an oven.

#2. Pickles

You will commonly find pickles in every household in India, as it is traditionally and profoundly connected to our culture. Hence, pickle business becomes very easy to initiate, and it does not require a large workforce to carry out day-to-day operations of running it. It has enormous demand domestically and abroad as well. It requires a small capital requirement, varying from Rs. 20000 to 25000.

#3. Incense sticks

Due to the exponential demand for incense sticks in the country and abroad, the agarbatti market is snowballing. Almost every Indian household uses incense sticks in their houses, and their demand further increases at the time of festivals. Awareness about meditation with incense sticks has also been rising domestically and in other countries as well.

The first step in manufacturing incense sticks involves purchasing bamboo sticks and required oil with fragrances like rose, jasmine, sandalwood, Champa, and so forth from the market. Then sticks will be coated with oil and dried later. To make bulk production, one can purchase automatic and semi-automatic incense making machines, which costs around Rs. 50000. Once the packaging is done, they are ready to be sold in the market.

#4. Buttons

Buttons are one of the most crucial trimmings used in the garment industry all over the world. It has enormous market potential if you start with India’s private ltd company registration to manufacture buttons. You will find the various types of buttons in the market, such as plastic to fabric and steel buttons. All you would require is a space to perform everyday business operations and small investments varying from Rs—30000 to 40000.

#5. Designing laces

The lace design business has been commonly used in craftwork or garments. It can easily be started at home as it is one of the traditional ways to do so. Demand for various types of laces has been increasing rapidly due to the emergence of fashion trends. You can also choose to export it to other countries as well. Laces can be designed mechanically or manually, depending upon the preferences of your business and audience. It requires minimal investment varying from Rs. 25000 to 40000.

#6. Ice cream cones

Everyone likes to gobble up the ice cream, irrespective of seasonal influence, as it has been one of the people’s favorite desserts. This rising consumption has led to a rise in the demand for ice cream in the market. Thus, if you want to start small, this business idea could be very profitable. To create an ice cream manufacturing unit, one only requires small spatial space with small investment varying from Rs. 1 lac to 1.5 lac. Nonetheless, if you want to go for the big one, you will need larger machinery that would cost you even more bucks.

#7. Papad

Papadum or Papads is one thing that everyone has tasted once in their lifetime. Papads are compulsory at various occasions, celebrations, functions, and parties, which generates its high demand. Its manufacturing process is also quite simple and easy compared to other businesses. All it requires is essential ingredients such as spices, wheat flour, and oil.

If you want to get into a large-scale Papad manufacturing industry, then it is very competitive. If you are going to start small, then it only needs a minimal budget varying from Rs. 30000 to 40000. Once it is ready, you can distribute it to local departmental stores and vendors. You can even experiment with flours made from rice, lentils, chickpeas, tapioca, and so forth to diversify your products.