Selecting the right toy for your toddler goes beyond something they just play with all the time. It is an opportunity to teach them and improve their cognitive skills.

As a parent or a guardian, consider these tips when making a selection for the right toy for your toddler.

Select Versatile Toys

Kids are very expressive and when selecting a toy, you can be sure a versatile one will satisfy their curious minds. For example, building blocks that can be built into many shapes and forms encourage children to explore more than one aspect of the toy.

Go For Safe Toys

Toddlers are still growing, and for them, safety is not a very important aspect as long as they are having fun. This is something a parent or guardian needs to factor in when buying the toys.

Ensure they have no plastic covering that could be peeled, there are no detachable pieces that can easily be swallowed, they have no sharp edges and they have no fur that can easily be eaten or breathed in by the child. Safety is key.

Look For Some That Will Last A While

It can be expensive and wasteful to change toys every time a child grows a year older. In such cases, try and get toys that grow with your child.

Toys such as color change dolls from L.O.L. Surprise!, action figures, and toy vehicles are some of the best toys to get your toddler and you can watch them grow up with them.

Choose Toys That Encourage Them To Learn

Kids take to the environment to satisfy their curiosity and to learn. They know if they throw a ball or a stick, the dog will bring it back to them.

They practice actions they learn over and over again. So, you will find them fitting building blocks, sorting shapes and colors, playing with puzzles, and more. Get them toys that will improve their learning ability.

Get Toys That Encourage Creativity

A child’s sense of imagination is always expanding and one way they build it is through toys. If you have seen toddlers playing with dollhouses or military action figures, you can notice them assigning roles, acting out situations, and even finding alternatives to items they do not have.

Get them toys that help them do this often and apart from building their creativity, you will notice them building their social aspect.

Avoid Too Much Screen Time

One thing many parents and guardians need to note is that phones, tablets, and computers are not toys. Sure, they might keep your child occupied for a while but try not to make a habit of this.

If there is a way you can keep them out of their hands entirely up to a later age, that would be great. Kids need to learn from the environment and when they sit and watch cartoons all day, other forms of cognitive growth become underdeveloped.

Get Toys That Encourage Activity

When selecting toys for your toddler, look for those that make them want to move around and play. If possible, get some that might involve you or the older kids as well. If you get the kids a tea set, sit with them and play pretend.

Get some board games that encourage them to count, read, match items or follow rules to complete a task. They learn a lot and have a lot of fun playing these games. It is also a great bonding moment for you and the child.

Selecting the right toy for your toddler can be an easy task if you have the safety precautions in mind, what they prefer playing with and what you want to introduce them to. Take your time to play with the child or take them on play dates to get the best out of the toys.