7 Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is a magical place. It’s a video-sharing platform that anyone can post on and share with the world. From gamers streaming the latest releases, to families posting adorable clips of their kids tripping over the inflatable pool, YouTube is an amazing place for people to interact with content and engage in ways that were only possible on the big screen before.

If you’re reading this guide, it may be because you want to know the best ways to promote your YouTube channel. When you are starting out, things can be really difficult getting viewers to your original content. Read on to find learn ingenious ways how to effectively promote your channel.

Tip No.1: Post Videos Consistently.

The best way to get people’s attention is to post on a consistent schedule. You know this because YouTube recommends it – obviously. Posting consistently gives people who subscribe to your channel a reason to return, and a reason to share your videos with their friends. But, it’s not enough to just post videos on a consistent basis—you have to have a plan before you ever upload anything.

Tip No.2: Create Interesting and Engaging Videos

Your videos don’t have to be perfect, but they should be something that you would enjoy watching yourself. If you’re not invested in your own videos, how can you expect anyone else to be? Add some personality to your videos. Look for the best video editing software for YouTube that is easy to navigate and equipped with all the tools necessary for editing your video content.

Tip No.3: Engage With a Community of Relevant Subscribers.

If you want to promote your YouTube channel, the first thing you’ll need to do is figure out how to find the right audience. You might start by researching other channels with a similar audience and then engaging with their subscribers. You can like, comment, and even share but keep in mind that things not relevant to the conversation would badly affect you. This can help your channel grow organically as you reach out to potential new subscribers in an engaging and useful way.

Tip No.4: Be Consistent in Messaging and Values.

Make sure your channel is built around a theme or idea that you can carry through all of your videos. If you want to make cooking videos, stick with cooking videos; don’t start posting about video games or politics out of nowhere. People want to watch a channel where they can expect the same kind of content, in a similar format, over and over again. If you’re jumping from one content to another, they’ll get confused about what they tune in and go elsewhere.

Tip No.5: Give Away Something Special to All of Your Subscribers.

We are talking about a freebie that really significant—like a discount code or product—that can only be used by people who subscribe to your page. This will give your audience even more incentive to subscribe, so you end up with a great number of dedicated fans who actively want to hear from you.

Tip No.6: Share Tips and Tricks that are Relevant to Your Fans and Subscribers.

The more you can teach your audience how to do something or tell them what you’re doing behind the scenes, the more they’ll feel as if they know you personally. This fosters trust and loyalty. They will be coming back for more especially if you’re tips are successfully used.

Tip No.7:  Be Authentic.

YouTube has thousands of content creators posting their content. With this knowledge, people can smell inauthenticity, so if you’re not being real with yourself and with your viewers, you’ll never really get anywhere. Make sure you’re talking about what you really care about and that you’re being honest about it—the rest will follow.

Hopefully, this list will provide enough insight and spark some ideas for how you can promote your YouTube channel. Keep in mind that these are just a few of the possibilities. There are many other ways to improve your presence, promote your videos, and encourage more subscriptions, but these suggestions should serve as a solid foundation for where you can go next.


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