Prayer Journaling

A Comprehensive Guide To Prayer Journaling

Self-care is something we all should make a part of our routine from time to time. It involves acknowledging that lack of care for our wellbeing can cause burnout, ill health, sickness, bad decisions, and even death.  It entails making conscious efforts to make choices/decisions that we consider healthy for our minds and bodies and riding them of whatever we consider toxic.

Self-care can take the form of exercising, eating right, and reading books to keep our minds active. It can also take the form of developing new relationships and severing from old ones that we consider unhealthy.

Its benefits include rejuvenation, happiness, the discovery of self-worth, mental reset, elimination of anxiety. In this time and age where life can be overwhelming, and sometimes you feel like the whole universe is out to get you, having a prayer journal may be considered a self-care routine.

#1:What does a prayer journal mean

A prayer journal is a book or notepad that contains a record of our prayers. It involves communicating with God or others by writing requests and making supplications about ourselves or others. Contents in the journal may also include letters addressed to the supreme being or expressing gratitude for past or future requests that we consider answered. It sometimes involves an attempt to establish rapport with the being by telling them about how our day went.

#2:Format of a prayer journal

There is no particular format a prayer journal should take. This is because without the prayers in the journal, it is a mere notepad. So feel free to convert that old notebook of yours to a prayer journal provided it has plain sheets on it, or you can purchase a book, whether fanciful or not, to be your journal. Another alternative is the note app on your electronic device.

#3: How often you should use a prayer journal

There is no handbook anywhere on the number of times you should use a prayer journal. If it exists, then I am unaware of it, but the whole essence of self-care is that it should be based on your terms because it has to do with your mind and body.

#4: Benefits of prayer journaling

The benefits of having a prayer journal are quite enormous as it can be viewed as a form of therapy. Writing down our most profound thoughts in the form of prayers can take away the overwhelming stress we feel of dealing with them on our own. Journaling of any form can be said to make us more cheerful and can even help in boosting the confidence we feel in a given situation.

Final Thoughts

Self-care is self-love on a practical level, and you can’t love something while being opposed to changes that will make a positive difference for it.

We all have our ways of finding what act of self-care works best for us. Prayer journaling is one way, but just like exercising, it isn’t for everybody. For some people, their form of self-care could be owning a manifestation journal. Find out today what makes you feel the best version of yourself and stick to it. Visit to purchase your prayer journal.

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