Development does not only cover private projects, but there are also plenty of large-scale government projects. All these projects need efficient and qualified architects that can create the perfect balance according to budgets.

In this piece, we take a very brief look at some of the challenges that architects have to consider when they are tasked with a design project. Many of the concepts we cover below we do not consider. We also look at large scale projects overseas that are increasingly in demand and those in charge of seeing these projects through often require talented architects to step outside of their comfort zone and create practical solutions!

Sustainable, Modern, and Security Conscious Development

Architects such as Martyn Pattie are finding that they are having to work with fresh approaches to construction.  Many operations today encourage and implement the use of sustainable materials, eco-friendly techniques, and the inclusion of high-tech real-time communications, CCTV, and security.

Many of the designs today must consider viewpoints for CCTV, alarm coverage, and cut out blind spots, which takes an incredibly talented architect to implement while maintaining style and practical designs. Today even the way water waste system design is implemented to become more eco-friendly and the use of sustainable energy are all systems modern day architects are implementing into their design plans.

Design Projects That Contribute to Society

Today, architects able to extend their services to public services and government facilities are finding new and exciting challenges. They find themselves involved in projects that benefit society by helping to improve the capacity of the country and design facilities purpose built to provide meaningful services that support the overall development of society and the economy.

When you are looking for a talented architect with a good grounding in various design concepts, you will often find some of the best of them are government partners working with government agencies that seek to improve their administrative facilities.

Development projects in this sector include fund planning for the construction of city halls, schools, emergency services, affordable housing, healthcare facilities, airport hangers, government funded housing for the elderly, traffic control facilities, eco-friendly building solutions and tourist attractions.

Overseas Medical & Health Care Architectural Projects

In addition, architects are getting more involved in the improvement of health care and medical health care facilities. There is an increasing number of high paid projects planned within countries such as the UK for overseas construction.

Contracts available include the planning and construction of international hospital complexes and health care complexes covers small, mid and large-scale ventures within the medical industry.