Basement Medics

Basement Medics – Important Things To Know

Water intrusion in a basement can take on many forms: a trickle, puddle on the floor, or condensation on the walls. While standing water is the most obvious sign of water intrusion, you might not notice any signs until you notice a small amount of standing water on the floor. Many things can contribute to drainage issues, including improper drainage, clogged gutters, or misdirected rainwater. Other problems can stem from the home’s foundation or the waterproofing medium degrading over time.


Signs of water intrusion in a basement

The first sign of a wet basement is stains or discoloration. If they are white, it is probably because water has entered the basement. These stains can be the result of overflowing laundry tub or a problem with the Basement Waterproofing. The best way to tell if your basement has a water problem is to have a professional inspection conducted. If you notice any of these signs, call a basement medic immediately.

Water will seep through the floor and walls of a basement through small cracks and seams. These areas may have a hairline crack or seam, which allows water to flow under the floor slab and into the basement. These cracks and seams may be too small to detect, but if they are larger than a sixteenth of an inch, they are signs of severe damage. Most people use their basement as a storage area and are not aware that it contains high moisture levels. This means that the materials that were used to construct the basement may begin to deteriorate. Therefore, you should get them checked by professionals to avoid further damage to your property.


Observations of the ground and house

A basement medic begins by covering all personal items in the basement with plastic and installing a 37-foot interior dual pressure relief system. Then, they dig a trench 10″ deep from the top of the existing slab, installing 4″ double-walled ADS pipe and backfilling the trench with 3/4-inch clean stone. Basement medics then install a Speedy Drain in front of the old bilco door, spray the walls with Foster 40-80 biocide and install new sump basins.


Exterior waterproofing

Proper drainage is an essential part of exterior waterproofing. Basement drains and gutter downspouts must be correctly installed and maintained to keep water from damaging your home. Regardless of whether you’re dealing with a leaky basement or a leaky roof, proper drainage will keep your home dry and prevent water damage. Performing exterior waterproofing yourself is never a good idea, and it could end up causing more harm than it’s worth.

The main goal of exterior waterproofing is to keep water out of the basement and crawl space. Proper drainage prevents the buildup of water and helps protect your walls, insulation, and wires from damage. Proper drainage also prevents internal leaks and hydrostatic pressure against walls. If you’re not sure if your home needs exterior waterproofing, call a professional today and learn more about your options.


Interior drainage

One of the most important steps in home improvement is installing an interior drain in a basement. These systems keep water from accumulating in the basement, and are typically comprised of a pipe set into a trench along the perimeter of the basement slab. This drain creates a sunken channel that allows water to flow along a specific path, and can become clogged if not maintained properly. Although these systems are relatively simple, routine maintenance is still required to ensure that they remain effective.

If a home is experiencing hydrostatic pressure because of a high water table, it’s time to consider installing an interior drainage system. Common signs include water seepage at the floor’s edge, cracks in the foundation wall, and dampness throughout the basement. It can be difficult to identify the cause of a high water table, but the fact is that it originates on the exterior of the foundation wall, below the foundation floor.

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