In order to create eye-catching video clips, it is important to keep in mind two factors related to the sequence of processes, the video editing software and the image processing operator. Therefore, if they grasp the basic rules of image processing, users will be able to create video movies that they like, wherever they want to capture memorable images.

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Duration and quality

The first thing to do is how to improve the video image quality when recording. Bring your camcorder’s 3-pin bracket kit to locations where there is enough space to accommodate the camera. For indoor scenes, it is always necessary to supplement the light with existing electric lights or with lighting for recording.

At the same time, take great care to minimize the operation of zooming in or out with the camera’s zoom function while recording, so the resulting video will have a stable image content according to the layout of the scene.

Before you can edit a recorded movie, pay attention to the purpose of the video you want to create to capture the entire event or simply make a movie for others to want. enjoy together.

If you want to introduce your vacation to your friends through the 2-hour video content, few people will probably be patient enough to watch from start to finish. Therefore, you need to plan ahead to shoot or shorten your recorded movie, focusing only on the remarkable moments during the trip.

Enhance image

To start editing movies, cut out unnecessary segments and increase the color quality of your video images. All video processing programs have a color and brightness correction tool that can dramatically enhance the quality of your movie moments. So, need to get used to those tools and form a habit of using them regularly.

Planning ahead

Make a plan for your work before you start editing. As the example experience shows, don’t set the length of the video you intend to process in advance. Frame 8 to 10 scenes, choosing each with a distinct clarity and color. Then proceed to edit to match the genre, combine background music and similar content.

Note that each image conveys a certain content, they always create a series of conversations with the viewer, so it is necessary to consider using background music to suit and attract viewers in each scene. Also, trim videos that are irrelevant to the topic you want to highlight and shorten as much as possible for your final work.

Make a title in the direction of storytelling

Using movie titles to help the viewer move along the length of the story. A brief headline before each shot makes the viewer understand the special events, and can skillfully engage viewers from start to finish.

Finally, don’t forget to use the special title effects to accentuate each scene, but avoid using this function as a ‘main dish’. Because of the special effects that make a strong impression, distract the viewer from the image content. If you have captured good quality videos, adding a few extra effects will make your content more vivid.

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