Pregnancy can be a very overwhelming experience for the mother-to-be. There is no doubt that it comes with an abundance of joyous moments. However, there are times when it can be very fatiguing and stressful. The perfect solution for this is to maintain regular exercise and remain active during pregnancy. Wearing proper attire, such as maternity activewear during this period, is also exceedingly vital.


Contrary to popular opinion, exercising while pregnant is safe when done within reasonable limits. It also has numerous benefits for the mother and the growing baby. These benefits include reducing back pain, bloating, swelling, reducing the risk of gestational diabetes and postnatal depression, as well as improving the mother’s overall mental health. The endorphins released by the body during exercise help reduce the sensations of pain, stress, and anxiety. Other benefits can involve better quality sleep, boosting energy levels, improving one’s mood and frame of mind, and relieving constipation. Several studies have shown that physical activity while pregnant can lead to long-term benefits for the baby as well.


It is also vital to choose the right clothing during pregnancy, such as good-fitting maternity activewear. This comes in a range of options like bike shorts or pants, leggings, loose tank tops, sports bras for nursing, and so on. Good quality activewear can be worn not only during one’s regular exercise but also to just rest and relax, as it is extremely comfortable. Activewear is also easier to move around while performing daily chores during pregnancy.

Essential Features of Good Maternity Activewear

Here are the primary factors to consider while buying all types of maternity clothing, especially activewear:

  • Comfort: Comfort should be the topmost priority while choosing maternity clothes. During pregnancy as well as post-delivery, a woman’s body is constantly transforming and enduring continued discomfort. Hence, it is always a good idea to choose clothes and materials that are soft and comfortable for the body.
  • Loose-fitting: One of the most important factors to consider is that the clothing is not tight or form-fitting. Loose-fitting clothes that are specially made for pregnancy are the best option. These clothes, although loose, don’t have to be drab or shabby. Pregnancy clothing nowadays is available in fashionable styles as well.
  • Functionality: Activewear should always be easy to move in and exercise in. Moreover, it is also important for lactating women to wear bras that provide support and convenience while nursing the baby.
  • Support: It is vital that maternity clothes provide adequate support to the mother’s growing body. The material should also be stretchable and should be loose enough to allow enough space for the continuously growing baby.
  • Breathability: The fabric of the clothes should be soft and breathable. Cotton, bamboo, polyester, nylon, spandex, etc., are all breathable fabrics that will boost one’s comfort, help in preventing excessive sweating and stickiness, and alleviate any irritation or uneasiness while moving. Bamboo is becoming an increasingly popular fabric choice for activewear, as it is eco-friendly and comfortable.


While exercising during pregnancy is enormously beneficial, it is also important to ensure that one doesn’t overdo it. Exercising in moderation and within limits, as advised by one’s doctor, is essential. Suitable activities during pregnancy can include swimming, brisk walking, dancing, and pelvic floor exercises. Massage therapy is another way to relieve muscle tension, relax the body and mind, and reduce anxiety when pregnant.