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Whether it’s on the streets or in the bustling business center, whether it’s cool spring or cold winter, whether you are walking outdoors or dancing indoors, we can always see people with hats. Even the Queen of England is also the fan of caps, choose a suitable hat no matter what the occasion.

As a necessity for life, hat have an important impact on people’s lives. If someone says you: old hat, this is not the old hat in your room or on you head. If something is considered obsolete because of its age, then you can use the “old hat” to describe it. Whether you’re new or an old hat to frugality, you might face issues with clutter. In order not to be described “old hat”, we must keep up with the trend, buy wholesale and match the caps and hats that suits you.


What are you wearing on your head? A hat or a cap?


In China, Chinese have a uniform name for what we wear on our heads, called “maozi”.

But there is no such concept in English.They do not have a word that is equivalent to “maozi”.

Headgear can barely count, but strictly speaking it should be translated as “worn on the head” and is rare in spoken language.

In order to describe it clearly in English, you must know the differences between – cap, hat and hood.Visit here; Wholesale hats.


Type 1. Cap (no brim)

What is a cap?


Cap refers to a variety of hats without brim, and those with only one mouth protruding, the mouth is called “visor”.

There are 5 common kinds of caps:

1. Baseball Cap



The construction of a baseball cap is a typical “dome cap + visor”. Although the shape of the cap may vary a lot, it is essentially a thing. Baseball cap is thought to be a very adolescent kind of cap.

2. Motorcycle cap



The motorcycle cap is different from the baseball cap in that its cap is not round but flat. Like the baseball cap, it has a visor that protrudes forward. Motorcycle cap used to be worn by soldiers.

3. Peaked Cap



The top of the peaked cap and the visor seem to be united, and the whole body slopes forward flat, so called flat cap or peaked cap. Some people think it’s elegant and at the same time casual for a man to wear a flat cap.

4. Knit Cap



Knit caps are completely flawless caps, and knit caps woven from thick threads are often referred to as wool caps.

5. Beret



The beret is also a common military cap, which will have a different style depending on the material and size. Though it originated in the army, beret now has an artistic feature in it.

Type 2. Hat (with brim)


What is a hat?

Contrary to cap, there is a circle of hats around the hat. These hats are called brim. Another difference from cap is that when people call hat, they are usually not as fine as cap. In most cases, say hat directly. Add a material at the front, such as a straw hat, and a woolen hat.



There are 2 kinds of hats that are special and will be called with special words. They are:

1. Panama Hat




There are many changes in the shape of the Panama hat, but the basic shape is similar to this. There is a hat, the overall shape of the hat is slightly upturned, and there is a circle of ribs at the bottom of the hat. It has become a fashion to wear a panama hat in the summer vacation.

2. Top Hat



It is the kind of hat that the old gentlemen would wear in public, and now it seems to be out of place. It is now hard to see someone wearing a top hat.

The hat attached to the clothes is also called “hat” in Chinese, but in English it is completely different. This hat is called hood. And this hooded dress is called hoody (hooded shirt). A hood on your shirt usually makes you look younger.



The above is the three classifications of the concept of “hat” in English. For English-speaking people, these three things are completely different, so don’t confuse them.


Ok, then the question is coming. What kind of them do you usually like most? Cap? Hat? Or hood?


And if you want to wholesale hats or caps, where can you find them?


Now I will list best 5 wholesale hats or caps manufacturers you must know.

Best 5 wholesale hats or caps manufacturers


  1. Chinabrands


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