Best guitar pedals

There are an amazing array of options when it comes to guitar pedals, Australia and beyond! When you are new to the instrument though it can be difficult to know which ones to get and things might even get a bit overwhelming. Here is a look at what guitar pedals are best when you are starting out.

Do you need them?

The fact is in the beginning phase you might not even need guitar pedals right away. While it is easy to get caught up in the fun and excitement of a new pastime, a guitar pedal might not be much use if you’re still mastering the basics.

Just as different types of guitars have different sounds and tones, effects pedals help tweak your output. Using an effects pedal takes practice, but once mastered, can help your tone really stand out! So before you rush into buying lots of gear you might not yet need, do a little reading and keep practicing your craft.

Four main types of effects pedals

In general, there are four main types of guitar effects pedals Australia. There is Fuzz, Overdrive, Distortion and Delay. Of course, there are a lot of subtypes in there depending on your music tastes.

1. Fuzz – Synonymous with the sounds of Hendrix this takes the sound you create and clips it hard (called square-wave clipping) compressing the distorted sound to create something very woolly or fuzzy sounding, hence the Fuzz name. Over time it has become more refined and smooth sounding though you can still get the less controlled sound in pedals too.
2. Overdrive – When looking at guitar pedals Australia you also need to consider overdrive. The pedal’s goal is pretty simple, to create the same sound you get with the saturation of the signal of the guitar by a tube amp, or clipping. These pedal help drive your valves to the distortion point.
3. Distortion – This is like overdrive but more aggressive, they clip the guitar signal a lot more heavily using hard clipping.
4. Delay – A lot of pedals fall into the delay category. Essentially, delay is an echo. It records and plays music fed back into it. When that is rapid the delay pedal creates a slapback effect, an instant kind of reverberation or echo of what was recorded.


When you are looking to buy guitar effects pedals, Australia, take your time. If you are a beginner, then you should think about your sound, and what would best fit your needs. There are so many boutique guitar pedals on the market that will even suit a smaller budget. When you are looking to achieve a specific tone, try a combination of amp, distortion, delay or modulation to get the kind of sound you want.