Best Surrogacy Agency in Ukraine: The World Center of Baby

Surrogacy is getting popular among people today. Couples who cannot have a child or gay couples can order the service. It is important to order surrogacy from a good clinic. So, the child will be healthy and your money will be safe. You can have an affordable Ukraine surrogacy cost in the World Center of Baby. You may see the information here:

The clinic offers traditional and gestational surrogacy. Gay couples can also order the service here. For hetero couples, there is an option to buy an embryo or donor sperm or eggs. There are free consultations that will help you understand the process better.

The Average Ukraine Surrogacy Cost

Ukraine offers affordable prices on surrogacy for people from different countries. It is known for the least surrogacy cost. Yet, the quality of the service is not bad. You can have the same support and quality service from a surrogate mother for the least price. So, it is a perfect place for people from all over the world to have a baby.

Surrogacy has become legal in Ukraine since 2002. The law allows gestational surrogacy. The best way is to order it in Kyiv. The reason for such prices is the low dollar cost in the country.

Ukraine Surrogacy Cost: Main Points

What services are included in surrogacy in Ukraine? Let’s look at the components of the price. The average cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is 35000 dollars. There are fluctuations depending on the agency you choose. The program of surrogacy is also important.

If you doubt the quality, look through a forum to find the best agency. You may also address an international clinic. For example, it can be the World Center of Baby. Here, you can have a consultation for free. The managers will answer your questions and calculate the exact cost.

Ukraine Surrogacy Cost and Benefits

Surrogacy services in the World Center of Baby include many benefits. The clinic offers embryos within one year. For the surrogate mother, there will be many medical examinations. She goes through genetic analysis and has insurance. The agency provides the mothers with an apartment in the capital of the country. She has free consultations and training.

Cost of Surrogacy Ukraine: Partial Payment

In the World Center of Baby, the intended parents can make a partial payment. This is good for those who do not have much money at once. You may pay the first part when you sign the contract. The second part will go when the mother delivers the child. The procedure is run by the clinic’s rules and contracts. So, the mother can be sure that the parents will pay the sum.

You may also make four payments. The first one is when you order the service. The second is in the first trimester of pregnancy. The third one is on the 26th week. And the last payment is when the mother gives you the child. If you need more details, you can ask the managers of the agency.

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