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best web series List-


1- cosmos a spacetime odyssey

cosmos a spacetime odyssey: The show is presented by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who was inspired by Carl Sagan as a student. Among its executive producers is the business man MacFarlane, whose financial investments have been used to produce and air it on television.

2- Money Heist

Money Heist is a crime-drama TV series made in Spanish language. Talking about the starcast of Money Heist TV series, all Spanish actors have been seen in it. In the series, lvaro Morte is seen in the role of Sergio Marquina i.e. Professor, who has spent his whole life in preparing Robbery’s plan. The Professor is the mastermind who along with his team plans to steal the Royal Mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain. Talking about the rest of the star cast, the names of all the members of the professor’s team have been shown in the names of different countries and cities around the world. These include names like Tokyo, Berlin, Moscow, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, Helsinki.

3- Squid Game

Friends, there is a very dangerous and tremendous Squid Game web series on Netflix. Squid Game is a South Korean thriller series that released on the famous OTT platform Netflix on 17 September 2021. There will be a total of 9 episodes in this series and the duration of each episode will be from half an hour to an hour. The story of Squid Game series is about people who are going through a very bad time in their life. But these people get a chance to change their lives when they are called to play such a game, after winning which they will get a lot of money.


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4- Game of Thrones

People all over the world including India are crazy about ‘Game of Thrones’. ‘Game of Thrones’ is one of the biggest series in the world, which is broadcast on the digital platform of American entertainment channel HBO. There is a very large world in which there is an island named Westers, in which seven kingdoms are in the North and some are in the South. The capital of these seven is the one where there is the largest throne, that is, in the capital of the one sits the one who rules the seven kingdoms of this entire island. This capital is called King’s Landing. It is the desire of the king of every state to rule the capital. ‘Game of Thrones’ is a web series, the story of which has been taken from the book of author George RR Martin. This book of Martin is very popular, the name of this book is ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’.


A total of 6 seasons have been released so far of America’s very popular TV series Lucifer, in which 93 episodes are Lucifer, who is expelled from HEAVEN for rebelling against his father and sent to HELL, where he is there. He is made the king of K. But he abdicates his throne in defiance of his father (God) as he is overbearing and unhappy with his everyday life.


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The Crown

Netflix’s The Crown is the most talked about web show based on the life of Britain’s royal family. The most important thing about this web show was that this time the character of Princess Diana and British PM Margaret Thatcher was shown.

Here we will discuss 2 new web series

1- Vikings: Valhalla

Netflix has confirmed the release of spin-off series Vikings: Valhalla, related on the History Channel’s series Vikings. The new Vikings: Valhalla series will premiere on the streaming platform on February twenty five and the story will take place a century after the events of the original show.

vikings: valhalla release date season 1: 25 February 2022

Vikings: Valhalla series will premiere on the streaming platform on February twenty five.

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