Irresistible Brochure Design Ideas

Digital marketing may have taken over all the major traditional marketing tools. But only a true marketer understands the value brochures can bring in delivering quality and credibility to the customers.

Brochures are such an informative and tactile piece of marketing tool that is sure to remain forever in this game. No matter how innovation impregnates into this realm, brochures can never be dead.

A good and professional brochure design contains all the information a customer needs to know about a business and its product. Let’s say a new cafe is launched in your city. You saw their posters on a major social media platform.

But while standing outside a shopping mall, suddenly someone handed you over a remarkable tri-fold brochure of the same café. Wouldn’t you look over and deeply understand their products? That’s how this tactile piece of artwork.

If you are starting a business of your own and looking to buzz around it with an impactful brochure design, then this is the place to be. We have compiled below some killer brochure design ideas that will help you in forging the perfect and professional corporate or product brochure templates for your budding business.

13 Brochure Design Ideas For Your Business

1. Impeccable Product Brochures

Product brochures- an intricately designed piece of artwork that pictures your intent perfectly while showcasing your product details aptly. That’s how we like to define a product brochure.

Brochure Design Ideas

These high-quality product brochure designs will not only grab the customer’s attention but also serve as a great investment. With perfectly aligned images, attractive fonts, signature color pallets, high-quality paper, and imperative CTAs, these product brochures are sure to get you more business. 

We must say that the universal question of “Why should I buy your product?” is well served by these product brochure designs immaculately.

2. All-encompassing Professional Corporate Brochure

Corporate brochures that make a statement and help you stand out of the crowd is the basic requirement of every business out there. These versatile corporate brochures will aid you by serving as the perfect introduction to your business.

They reflect your brand identity and speak your core values. These corporate brochures are so perfectly designed that they can easily entice the readers to work with your business.

Brochure Design Ideas 1

 These printable pieces of pure creativity are sure to make your business opportunities grow in multitudes. They are highly-customizable too, thus allowing you to easily incorporate your imagination into it for a unique and personalized product brochure.

3. Contemporary Real-estate Brochure

Have a glimpse at these fresh-looking and soothing real-estate brochures by PhotoADKing that your clients can never say no to. 

These bold and contemporarily designed real-estate brochure templates highlight your business’ USP with its graphics and themes.

Brochure Design-Ideas

Being customizable, one can save a lot of time and money by simply adding logos, images, and content to create an impressive brochure design using the online pamphlet maker.

4. Surreal tri-fold Travel Brochure

Images of exotic locale and well-written content with enticing offers, all this and more marshaled and well-kept in a pamphlet. Is that not how a travel brochure must look like?

This handpicked exemplary travel brochure design should certainly inspire you to create a professional-looking one that fits your business. Its well-designed and awesome layout makes sure to give your customers better travel goals for life.

travel Brochure Design-Ideas

Get your tourism business to excellence with this high-definition travel brochure design that is made to win the hearts of your customers.

5. Inviting Hotel Brochure

This is an elegant and awe-inspiring hotel brochure that serves best for your hotel’s promotion. It can feature your USPs with spectacular images, offers, and promotions.


Use the online brochure maker to personalize this high-quality hotel brochure which is extremely easy to work with. No designer knowledge is required. Just drag n drop!

With perfectly spaced elements and apt information, this can be your best hotel brochure to entice customers to your hotel.

6. Elegant & Purposeful Non-Profit Brochure

Well, non-profit brochures should always be designed in a way to deliver deep, contextual, and empathetic value to your readers.

Brochure-Design Ideas

Unlike the generic and boring charity/non-profit brochures, PhotoADKing has attempted to create a compelling yet expressive brochure design template.

You can customize to target your audience by adding high-definition images, logos, and text. Simply download, edit and print!

7. Engrossing Sales & Offers Brochure

People love to gaze through a tactile and enthralling sales brochure that captivates them with alluring discounts, products, and more.

Engrossing Sales & Offers Brochure

This captivating sales brochure is intricately designed with high-quality images and snappy taglines in a perfectly spaced layout. You can use your color pallets and employ your imagination here, as they are immensely customizable.

If you are looking for a beautiful brochure to boost your sales and impress your customers with its sleek and professional design, then look no more and download this masterpiece for free.

8. Prolific Arts and fairs Brochure

Art and fair brochures must be mandatorily aesthetically pleasing with eloquent patterns and designs. This dynamically designed art and fair brochure that catches holds visitor’s attention is a must-see for all those in pursuit of fresh and contemporary brochure design.

Prolific Arts and fairs Brochure

The layout is designed in a way to deliver all the necessary information while keeping eyes glued to sustain interest by its enthralling geometric shapes, colors, and abstract images. 

Customization is effortlessly possible by the drag n drop tools with 3D editors that allow you to canvas your imagination to give your brochures a personal touch.

9. Alluring Restaurant Brochure

Creative brochure designs that make your customer go drooling over your cuisines and bring a better crowd to your restaurant- as a restaurant owner who doesn’t fancy this? 

Alluring Restaurant Brochure

Take a look at these stupefying restaurant brochures that are sufficiently designed to bring in all the necessary information without overcrowding while still sustaining interest to turn over and explore more with its fresh-looking style and arrangement.

10. Thrilling Event Brochure

Creating an exciting event brochure that resonates with the temperament of your event can be challenging. Take inspiration from this all-inclusive and professionally designed event brochure and create yours to stick out exceptionally.

This square-cut event brochure has all the must-include elements that an ideal brochure must contain. Make such a revering event brochure that is visually pleasing and informative for the readers.

Thrilling Event Brochure

Use your imagination by adding layers over your chosen layout or give it a minimalistic design approach. Going overboard with information is never accepted. Fire your imagination with this creative brochure design and devise a tempting event brochure for your business.

11. Luxuriant Club Brochure

Have a glance at this rich-looking club brochure that gives your potential club member all the information regarding the best amenities and great experiences your club can deliver. This exquisite and symbolic club brochure lure more prospective members to join your club.

With multiple colors and layout options, you can choose a design that suits your intent giving your brochure a sleek and professional look.

12. Productive Educational Brochure

Make a statement with this educational brochure that can flair your professionalism with its stunning design traits. This will emphasize your branding as well as beguile more prospects for your institution.

Productive Educational Brochure

 This can be your perfect educational brochure template in showcasing your creative work as well as inform your readers about your service. Go beyond the generic text-stuffed educational brochure and create yours with this inspiring brochure.

13. Informative Healthcare Brochure

Draw inspiration from this expert-looking healthcare brochure that can display all your services with a professional snapshot of your healthcare business. This is a rightly-designed healthcare brochure to take inspiration from.

Informative Healthcare Brochure

Healthcare brochures are an essential element to showcase to your patients/customers the quality care and services you provide. This design makes your viewers develop trust in your firm and bring you a better reputation and financial benefits.


Being crammed up with creativity and freshness, we hope you find these online brochure designs and leaflet designs impelling. If you feel it’s time to update your old-fashioned brochure or create a whole new one, then these handpicked inspiring brochure templates will surely back you up.

A shiny and stunning brochure can add an extra oomph to your business. What do you think? Help us know in the comment section below.