Conversational AI is an increasingly growing field in Information Security, and the ability to program a computer to understand, communicate and solve problems. It has many applications in business, entertainment, health care and more. Conversational AI is a group of technologies behind artificial speech-enabled technologies that provide humans and automated machines with human-like interaction over a network. This technology is now very affordable and allows us to take it to the next level.

The latest breakthroughs are in the area of conversation translation and automated speech recognition. We have already seen the beginnings of this with “Tay” the chatbot, but now artificially intelligent chat Bots are beginning to come on the market. These chatbots use pre-determined pre-programmed responses to basic questions and situations, and then seamlessly transition into live conversations.

The most popular of these chat Bots are called “Skype AIs”, or artificially intelligent Virtual Agents. An off-the-shelf Virtual Agent will respond to user inquiries in a natural manner, but a more sophisticated Virtual Agent offers a deeper understanding of the conversation. When a user requests more information, the Virtual Agent will ask more questions until the customer understands the request and has an idea of the solution. The beauty of this is that the agent never stops learning as long as the customer is on the Skype network.

This capability to learn and adapt is very important for businesses and other organizations that rely on their employees to make buying decisions or suggest more appropriate response to situations. Asking too many questions is frustrating for employees and can result in the loss of a sale. But, by using a more knowledgeable and adaptable artificial intelligence system, the conversation can flow naturally and the appropriate response can be provided. Conversational AI enables organizations to focus on the most relevant conversations and use pre-determined scripts, which eliminates the need for employees to write each message.

Another aspect of Conversational Commerce as is its ability to provide feedback to improve a business’s overall performance. By measuring the effectiveness of every interaction with a customer, the conversation leads can be adjusted to create even greater success. Using data from every customer trip, the Virtual Agent can identify how frequently customers need assistance with a problem. It can tailor the help desk training it provides accordingly and adjust messaging to give employees the tools they need to perform efficiently. In short, the Virtual Assistant is a customer support agent on demand.

These agents can be sent on assignments to perform a wide range of tasks. They can process travel tickets and provide hotel reservations. They can place hotel reservations and provide information about nearby attractions. And, they can conduct research through available resources, communicate with management and provide support at the self-service end of a sales or customer experience pipeline. All of these responsibilities leave the business free to focus on what customers are really buying: quality and value.

ChatBots and conversational ai can also be used to power a wide variety of other processes. For instance, some platforms provide artificial intelligence assistant assistants to customer service reps. These platforms allow reps to connect directly with one another over instant messaging, web conferencing, and email to improve both the quality of customer service and their ability to retain repeat clients.

Even better news: conversational as trainers are coming to Windows and are already being used by thousands of customer support agents. This means that any business can use artificial intelligence (AI) chat Bots to expand its customer service and business opportunities. The right chat bot platform will allow a business owner to quickly and easily add a live chat agent to its staff. Chat Bots can be easily trained to interact with real humans, providing agents with the experience of having to solve problems in person. They will have the power to completely revolutionize the way businesses run and are run.

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