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Can bedroom be placed in NNW and ENE zone? Vastu consultant in Kolkata answers!

There are 16 zones in vastu, counts Vastu consultant in Kolkata. Each zone has its specific features that make it suitable for some use and unsuitable for others. 

The same rule holds for bedroom vastu as well. Today, we will learn from expert Vastu consultant in Kolkata about 2 zones which are suitable for bedroom but restricted as well. 

Without further adieu, let us begin. 

When we talk about bedroom vastu, we often assume that certain zones are good to sleep in, while certain are not. But we must understand that bedroom has its nature as well. 

For instance the master bedroom belongs to mother-father or husband-wife of the house. The children’s room is for their young, adult or unmarried child. There can be an extra bedroom for guests, if space permits. 

Though they all are bedroom and can be slept in, one must realize that couple’s bedroom might not be suitable for all. Let us understand about 2 such zones; NNW and ENE. 

What attributes NNW zone has?

The north of north west (NNW) represents sex and attraction in vastu. Though discussing this might be uncomfortable for many traditional believers, but it cannot be denied that this is an important aspect in people’s life. 

After all, this is how all the life that exists comes into the world.  there are many homes in which huge defects in the NNW zone lies, like kitchen or toilet in this zone.

It can bring problems in husband wife relation. In long term, it results in conflicts, which can even end in separation and divorce in rare case 

Thus, it is best to place the bedroom in here. For obvious reasons it most suited for couples of the house. 

What attributes ENE zone has?

The east of north east (ENE) zone represents fun and recreation in vastu. Vastu consultant says that alongside of hard work, having relaxation and fun time is crucial too. 

Only then you can optimize your overall work and keep a healthy mind set too. Just like the previous one, you should refrain from placing toilet or kitchen in here, as it can hamper in fun and recreation. 

To utilize it in better way, you either need to place it as living room or bedroom. If you allocate this zone for bedroom, make sure that you assign this as master bedroom as well. 

Especially, if there are new couples in the house, you must have them use this zonal bedroom. It will help them open up to each other about their likes and dislikes and make better bonding and understanding. 

Who are forbidden to sleep in zones?

Let it be North of North West (NNW) or East of North East (ENE) zone, students and children must not use it too much. Let us see its reason, one by one;

NNW- Sleeping in this zone will evoke their mind towards sexual affairs. During puberty having such curiosity is quite normal, and is a phase that everyone goes through, but its obsession can ruin their life. 

If they keep on sleep here for long, they will distract themselves from academics and might start engaging in adult affairs at young age itself, warns Vastu .

ENE- sleeping in this zone will evoke their mind towards fun and recreational activities. In between studies, taking breaks for video game or sports is recommended even by teachers. 

However, sleeping here for too long can make them addicted to it. They will make excuse to not study and instead will play games etc in mobile phones. 

It goes without saying that either of these can distract them from education. Parents must remember that children these days are more proficient in using smartphones in comparison to adults. 

Moreover, since we live in the digital era, even their education is dependent on internet, where abundance of wrong stuff is present as well, which can be easily accessed by them. 

Ultimately, it will affect their results and attitude towards studies. So, make sure to safeguard them from these ill-effects on the right time. 

It is one thing that they sleep in either room for a night or for a week due to some reason like too many guests visiting your home, renovating in home etc; but never allocate these zonal bedroom to them. 

Instead you must have them sleep in north, east or south zonal bedroom. In fact, Vastu consultant  says west of south west (WSW) and south of south east (SSE) zonal bedrooms are excellent for them.  

For complete information on bedroom vastu, all you need to do is get in touch with Vastu consultant. Rely on the expertise of best vastuvid Pinaki Pal, only at Vaastu Mangaal. 

Description- In this blog, Vastu consultant in Kolkata reveals why sleeping in NNW and ENE zones are so specific in nature. 

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