Can I eat honey while pregnant?

Honey is a natural food without side effects; if you are not eating honey, you are more vulnerable to health issues during pregnancy. People used honey from ancient times, and science also provides concrete evidence that supports the use of honey and its potential benefits. It is safe and beneficial; you can eat honey before, during, and after pregnancy without confusion and tension.


Why I eat honey while pregnant

If you eat honey in a moderate amount daily, your energy level will be buildup. In early pregnancy, your energy level is down due to morning sickness, fatigue, nausea, and weakness; then honey may support you to face these issues. Furthermore, it is a natural remedy that prevents you from cold and cough symptoms. If you use honey in your lemon or ginger tea, it will make your tea more scrumptious.

Most women are unambiguous about using honey because they hear it is unsafe for babies. Let me clear that! Honey is not good for below or 1-year babies. Honey contains bacteria that produce a toxin that causes botulism. Your stomach acid and defensive system kill the bacteria and detoxify the toxin; there are no chances you can get botulism. It’s rare and exceptional botulism develops in you; your unborn baby is protective despite this.

The main reason women eat honey while pregnant is because their bodies lack many nutrients such as magnesium, B12, methylfolate and so on. But one of the most important nutrients a pregnant woman needs during their pregnancy is Sucrosomial Magnesium. This supplement can do wonders for pregnant women and help get you a healthy delivery.


Is it safe for my unborn baby?

Honey is safe for all people except babies under one year—eating honey while pregnant poses no harmful effects on your baby. Your body has already detoxified toxins, and botulinum spores have a high mass that cannot cross your placenta and reach the baby. Thus, you can enjoy your tea because your baby is protected despite your body having botulinum spores.

However, after delivery, your baby is no longer part of your belly; it may be susceptible to that spore. You can also eat honey while breastfeeding. Your baby gets botulism if it eats honey directly.


Benefits of eating honey during pregnancy

Honey supports your body in various ways. It contains water, carbohydrates, trace amounts of vitamins & nutrients, and flavonoids. It also holds anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, and antiallergic agents that play a significant role in your body.

  • Cure cold & tickly cough: Pregnant women usually experience cold, tickly cough, and sore throat symptoms. If they take cough syrup, which contain chemicals then it can harm the baby. Honey is used to treat these symptoms. One spoon of honey dissolved in lukewarm water is enough if you drink in the morning.
  • Strengthen the immune system: Eating honey daily boosts your immune system and protects you from seasonal allergies.
  • Healing wound: If you got an injury during pregnancy, apply honey to affected areas because it contains anti-inflammatory agents that heal the wound and is known as a natural pain killer.
  • Help fertility: Some indications show that it increases the chances of conceiving or becoming pregnant.
  • Improve digestion: Raw honey contains good bugs that improve the digestive system and reduce the heartburn that you often feel during pregnancy.
  • Lower gestational diabetes: Honey is a natural sweetener and healthier alternative to artificial sweeteners. And it lower the risk of gestational disease.
  • Improve sleep: Honey is a natural sedative. Adding honey to warm milk and drinking it at night may improve your sleep during pregnancy.
  • Weight loss: It also assists in melting weight.


Yes, you can eat honey during pregnancy and breastfeeding without any confusion; your baby is safe in your womb. It strengthens the immune system and builds up your energy level. You should eat honey daily during pregnancy. If you feel discomfort consult your doctor, you know every pregnancy is different.

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