Can you drink beer while pregnant?

When you find out you’re expecting, you’ve to control yourself; it does not matter what you want to eat, drink, or do. Likewise, women are addicted to beer, wine, or other alcohol types; after conception, it’s harder for them to quit alcohol. And addicted women want to consume a little amount of alcohol during pregnancy. But drinking beer is totally unsafe at any time and in any amount during pregnancy. Heavy drinking can lead to the birth of a baby with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs). There’s no way except to quit alcohol if you’re pregnant.


Is it safe to drink beer during pregnancy?

The straightforward answer is “NO.” Prolonged exposure to alcohol shows adverse effects on a healthy person. And how could you think your growing infant will deliver as a healthier baby despite drinking beer or wine during pregnancy. Alcohol is a teratogen, and its consumption in any amount is unsafe during pregnancy.

If you continue drinking alcohol after getting pregnant, your baby is present at a higher risk of birth defects, behavioral issues, miscarriage, and more. Some women consider drinking a small amount of alcohol not harm the baby. Alcohol impacts negatively on your baby; it doesn’t matter whether you consume one drink or more. If you drink less amount of alcohol, it affects your baby less, while if you consume a heavy amount it puts your infant at higher risk of complications.

You know the development of baby organs happens in the first trimester, and if a fetus is exposed to alcohol, its development is impaired. Consuming alcohol in the first trimester can lead to the baby’s abnormal facial features. If you don’t abandon drink, your baby may go through growth & central nervous system issues like behavioral problems, low birth weight, or may develop FASDs.

Look! Your first & foremost priority should be your baby’s health and not your enjoyment. Never too late, kick-off alcoholic drinks asap if you’re pregnant.

Talking about the health of your baby, other very important supplements which are very popular for pregnant females is called methylfolate and folic acid. There is a lot of news about methylfolate and folic acid and how they are absolutely critical to the health of the baby. However, most women don’t understand the difference between methylfolate and folic acid.

Before you start taking either one please talk to your doctor and find out what is right for you.


What is FASD?

FASDs (fetal alcohol spectrum disorders) are the outcomes of drinking too much alcohol. Alcohol passes to your baby through the bloodstream. The baby’s liver is underdeveloped and can’t detoxify alcohol, resulting in alcohol affecting all baby organs. If you decide to continue drinking after getting pregnant, your baby is more likely to be born with FASDs. Children produced with FASDs may show abnormal characteristics and behavior such as;

  • Improper growth of a central nervous system
  • Heart, bones, and kidney problems
  • Small head
  • Abnormal facial features
  • Shorter height than normal
  • Low body weight
  • Attention deficient disorder (ADHD)
  • Less coordination
  • Poor memory
  • Hyperactive behavior
  • Hard to pay attention to studies
  • Lack in communication
  • Learning & intellectual disabilities
  • Poor judgment & reasoning skills
  • Difficulty in lactation
  • Vision & hearing problems
  • Poor sleep

Pregnancy safety tips for cutting down on drinking alcohol when pregnant

If you’re pregnant, don’t consume beer or other alcoholic drink, and don’t push your baby into death’s mouth or leave it to live a miserable life. It’s not harder to cut down on alcohol during pregnancy, as many women consider. You need to follow some strategies such as;

  • If you’re a working woman and often invited to a party, you should consume alcohol-free drinks like mocktails and sparkling apple cider; these drinks are safe during pregnancy.
  • If you consume alcohol to relax and get rid of bad moments, in that case, you must try alternative ways like massage, exercise or prenatal yoga, music, and indulge yourself in hobbies.
  • Go outside like at sea banks, peaceful places with your friends, family or partner. You may feel happy and comfortable.
  • You can get help from your health practitioner, who guides you in the best way.


You may hear that “drinking alcohol is injurious to health.” If you consume alcohol during pregnancy its more dangerous for you and your baby. Alcohol is a life-threatening teratogen; if you enjoy drinking throughout pregnancy, your baby will be born with FASDs. Thus, you have to quit it if you want to get a healthy baby.


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