CBD in your Diet- Does an Athlete take CBD for fitness?

Athletes have to work out a lot. As much as we love to fit on our sofas and watch sports, athletes have to train a lot. They have to maintain body weight and build muscles to aid their performance. But even working out would need some sedatives to keep on moving to finally achieve the goal. Cannabis is developing into that sedative.

Are athletes allowed to have cannabis?

It was a historic moment in the world of athletes when the world anti-doping agency eliminated cannabis from the list of prohibited items. Although, some of the sports leagues do not allow the use of THC. It happens to affect the performance, but that is the difference between CBD and marijuana. The content of THC is more in marijuana as compared to cannabis. Therefore we can conclude that one can advantage of the plant.

Everything you need to know about CBD?


CBD is also known as cannabidiol comes from the marijuana family. It can be taken in many forms that include oil, ointment and comes infused in products. Many benefits come with the herb. It has known to help a lot of people improve from depression. It has also been found to lower the symptoms of anxiety and stress. A lot of prescription drugs are combining with the ingredient of cannabis as it enhances the effects. It is also known as a great painkiller with healing properties. It has done wonders for a lot of people. A lot of patients with chronic pain started using cannabis and have experienced a lot of benefit from it. Not only does it numbs the pain, but it also subsides it eventually.

There are many ways of intaking CBD. People have tried exploring methods over the years, which has started from crushing the leaves to buy a CBD vape oil kit by CBDfx and vaping it. It is then dried and then smoked. A lot of people make tea out of it and enjoy a recreational drink.

Nowadays, a lot of people buy CBD melatonin gummies for sleep or try vaping the product. They make cannabis vape pens which are electronic vapes. Moreover, people also eat it by infusing it in foods and making edibles. These include brownies and gummy bear candies. The effects of edibles last much longer, but it takes time to get into motion.

Why do athletes need to take CBD?


In the sports industry, many people are starting to consume CBD to better their performance. There are many reasons why it is becoming increasingly popular. Some of them are mentioned below:

1.      It helps with cramps

Cramps are caused, especially when you are dehydrated. It may also be caused due to underlying diseases like nerve damage and muscle sprains. Cannabis contains herbal properties that are anti–cramps. Therefore it comes very handy to athletes when they are training and don’t drink enough water. It also makes you thirsty, therefore, you get your share of hydration.

2.      It brings down the soreness.

Cannabis oil is known to work well for sore muscles. When professionals are training, they might get overboard. Therefore, it may cause the muscles and pressure points to get sore. Sportspersons are known to apply oil or ointment on the affected area to reduce the tension.

3.      Building mass

When you consume cannabis, your metabolism increases, and it makes you feel hungry. Therefore you eat more than usual. Athletes need to have a lot of protein followed by a workout to increase their muscle growth.

4.      Helps with nausea

When athletes are working out and tend to go a little overboard, they might get nauseous. This can severely affect their performance, and who likes being sick? Cannabis helps relieve nausea and makes you feel better almost instantly.


Intaking cannabis cannot be harmful in comparison to some other drugs. However, some side effects to it come with anything when you do it too much. Therefore make sure that you consume cannabis and know where to draw the line.




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