Celebrating Birthdays that Occur Near the Holiday Season

Birthdays are a time of celebration and joy. Some people even celebrate their birthday week or even their birthday month, but what happens when the celebrant’s birthday falls closely to a major holiday? Friends and loved ones are often tempted to ‘bundle’ the birthday person’s gifts, giving them one gift to cover both occasions. While this might be convenient, for the birthday person it can feel like cutting corners, and make them feel less special than they really are. Below is a list of gifts to give your friend or loved one who happens to share their birthday with a holiday.

  • A Basket of Their Favorites. Fill a gift basket with all sorts of treats such as their favorite candy, beverages, cute stationery, colorful gel pens, votive candles, funky socks and whatever else rounds out the menagerie. Get really fancy by encapsulating it in clear basket wrap with a great big bow and you’ve really created something special.
  • Personalized Visa Gift Card. Unique and desirable, you can customize a Visa gift card by uploading a favorite photo of the birthday girl or boy (or of the two of you together) and include a heartfelt message. A sure fire, no-fail one-of-a-kind-gift that is uniquely their own.
  • A Terrarium. This is basically a little plant refuge. Simply add succulents, cacti, and soil. Decorate the terrarium with different colored glass, rocks, sand, and basically anything that you feel would enhance the space.
  • Birthday Cake in a Mug. You can make this yourself or choose a vendor to supply one – there are many birthday mugs on the market, fill it with a cupcake complete with sprinkles and a candle. It’ll go a long way in making your friend feel extra special!
  • A Milk Frother. Does your friend love hot, steamy drinks? Give them a tiny milk frother and let them be their own barista. Frothers are fun and turn any ordinary cup of Joe into a cup of creamy goodness.
  • Personal Library Kit. If your friend or loved one is a bookworm, with shelves chock full of books stuffed in every direction, they will love their very own personal library kit. Complete with a date stamp, “From the Personal Library of” stickers, and Return Date cards just like in the old days, they’ll feel confident that all of their books will come back home to them when they loan them to friends.
  • A Zodiac Sign Ring Dish. Birthdays are fun but what some people find even more fun is learning about their zodiac sign and the characteristics that are unique to them. Give the birthday boy or girl a zodiac sign ring dish (complete with coordinating constellation) to remind them that they are extraordinary all on their own.
  • A Paint by Number. It’s nearly impossible not to feel like a true artist when a paint by number is complete. They come in a range of all shapes, sizes, themes, and motifs. If you can dream it up, you can likely find the paint by number.
  • Frame with Picture of the Two of You. Chances are good that somewhere along the way, the two of you have had at least a couple of good pictures taken while participating in a fun activity. Print it out and place it in a frame. With everything going digital these days, many people don’t have physical pictures around to remind them of the important people in their lives. This is your chance to change that!
  • Homemade Brownies. Sure, holiday cookies and baked goods abound at the end of the year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your special birthday person their own homemade brownies. Stack them on a colorful birthday plate and let them know they don’t have to share.
  • “Open When” Letters. True friends are there for the long haul. Through thick and thin. Write them a series of letters to “open when” a certain event takes place. This might be – “When you turn 40” or “When you’re feeling blue.” The stack of letters, even unopened, is a reminder to them of how much you care.
  • Personalized Playing Cards. Why waste time playing with an ordinary deck of cards? Create a deck of playing cards that boasts pictures of their favorite things with their favorite people. They’re playable; they just offer a little extra love.
  • Knit Hat. If you have the time to learn and the time to knit, go Little House on the Prairie and make them a knit hat in their favorite color. It makes for a great opportunity for you to learn a relaxing hobby, and will mean the world to them that you put in the time and effort.

When the holidays come around, don’t forget about your friends and loved ones who happen to have been born near the festive season. Take the time to make them feel extra special by keeping holiday and birthday gifts separate, and putting in a little extra love.

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