Celebration Ideas for 1st Marriage Anniversary
Celebration Ideas for 1st Marriage Anniversary

Celebration Ideas for 1st Marriage Anniversary

There’s no denying about the fact, firsts are always very close to everyone’s heart, be it, first birthday or first wedding anniversary. There’s a lot of expectation, excitement and joy etched to such special first occasions. Talking of the first marriage anniversary, most of the couple have experienced that time flies when you are in love. And just like that, the day when both the lovers vowed to be there for each other – in sickness and in health are here to celebrate their first year of togetherness.

How wonderful does that sound? Very, right? Which is why we would advise you to plan something as wonderful as the first marriage anniversary should be. If you are having a hard time deciding what you could possibly plan and how then here’s a list of celebration ideas to make your first marriage anniversary – a memorable one. Thank us later! *wink*

  1. Write A Love Letter/Notes –Not all days, we feel like talking our heart out to our partners ends up making us confess how lucky we are to have been blessed with a wonderful partner. Isn’t it? Which is why write a love letter or some love notes for your partner to express all the lovely feelings that you have developed over the past year. Your partner will be surprised and will absolutely be left in awe of you.
  1. Bake Your Anniversary Cake Together – You can try baking a cake together as baking is one such healthy, recreational activity which tends to bring two people closer together in love. It is therapeutic in nature and it will also be a great way to spend some quality time on the day of your anniversary together with your spouse. You can try replicating your wedding/engagement cake or any other cake of your choice. But if at any point of time, you feel you won’t be able to ace your baking game, then simply order it online from some bakery along with online cake delivery in Raipur  or whichever place that you and you partner is residing. Whatever, you choose to make sure you have an anniversary cake to celebrate your D-day of life.
  1. Dance Together –Who said that you need to visit a club or pub/bar to dance your heart out with your partner? You can play some romantic dance songs and recreate your wedding dance memories. Get your romantic song playlist ready, a day before. There could be nothing sexier than a romantic couple dancing together on their first wedding anniversary.
  1. Go Through Wedding Album/Video –Your marriage day photographs and videos were taken for days like these when you needed to feel a bit more nostalgic about your D-day. Hence, it’s time to take out all those wedding albums/videos from the drawer and remind each other of all those golden memories which have been made for this life and beyond. Flipp through the photo album and watch the heartwarming wedding video with your partner over a glass of wine and leave each reminiscence about those good, old days.
  1. Take A Honeymoon Again –Travelling with your partner to some romantic/adventurous destination is one of the most preferred ways of celebrating anniversaries. So, you can check out and plan the place, where you wish to spend some quality time with your partner on your first anniversary. You need to plan the itinerary beforehand so that you can make the most out of your trip.
  1. Throw A Party –Book a banquet hall or hotel banquet and throw an anniversary party for your partner. You can call some of his/her friends and family to make it a special affair. Decide the venue and menu and let the hotel authorities know about the same. Have some vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian courses for both kinds of people and make sure to incorporate some fine drinks for children and adults. Also, music needs to be there when you are about to throw the best anniversary party in town. insert this: If you’re looking for an experience that is more intimate and budget-friendly, you can host the party at home. You can set up a table in the garden, set up the dinner table with a patterned table runner ,candles, and flowers to make your 1st wedding anniversary extra special.

So, these were some of the ways to celebrate the first wedding anniversary over along with your darling partner. The happiness which will get reflected on your spouse’s face will be priceless and will make up for all the planning/pain that was caused to you while making this day super special.