Common Laundry Problems and How to Fix Them

When we first did our laundry, you started reading the manual and care label instructions. We do the laundry almost every day, but sometimes it does not turn out correctly. How come you experience these problems if you have read the manual and instructions carefully?

It is rare for someone who has not experienced any laundry problems. Whether it could be their own mistake, wrong laundry product, equipment issue, or an error with the laundry method, fortunately, these common laundry problems can be easily fixed.

Washing Everything Together

No matter how tedious laundry is, you have to separate the clothes accordingly. Yes, it could time consuming, but that’s fine as long as you are protecting your garments. Washing all the dirty laundry in one load could result in color bleeding and resulting in uncleaned garments.

You have to prevent them from doing this because you may be grave that you cannot fix them. Always sort out the garments by color and soil level. You do not want your white shirt or jeans to have a color stain.

Also, washing clothes with soiled garments at an overly filled washing machine cannot guarantee a clean result since the garments do not have enough space to rub each other. The washing machine’s rubbing mechanism and clothes are the only way to remove specks of dirt efficiently.

Thus, take time to sort them before washing. Make it into a habit.

Do Not Leave Zippers Down

You should know that zippers and other metal frames on our clothes can damage the other garments in the load. Always zip it close when you wash the garments. Leaving them open can snag on other items. Also, do it with your bras.

Well, there’s no solution to clothing holes. You only need to prevent it from happening by being mindful of the garment’s zipper and other metals.

Loose Buttons

As you have to be mindful of closing the zippers, it is the opposite of buttons. You have to unbutton the shirts before washing them. Washing clothes that are buttoned can damage and loosen the threads on the buttonholes.

Again, there is no solution to this problem if you have already loosened and stretched the buttonholes. Instead, be mindful of the sleeves and buttons of your clothes before you wash them.

Ignoring Care Label Instructions

Do not throw your garment immediately to the washing machine without reading the care labels. Ignoring the care label instructions could lead to damages. If you have a delicate garment, it needs to have a dry cleaning method.

Garments with embellishments or those made from suede, silk, or leather should not be washed in a washing machine.

Most of us do not bother with the “dry clean only” labels. These are delicate fabrics that require more attention when cleaning. If you risk cleaning them on a regular method, then you could ruin the delicate garment.

There’s no probable fixing solution for this, but you could prevent the problem by calling a dry cleaning service. They are experts who can do it for you.

Disregarding Ingredients of Laundry Detergent

Aside from disregarding the laundry care label, it is not a good habit to blind pick a laundry detergent. You have to check the ingredients of the detergent to determine whether it contains harsh chemicals that could damage the fabric.

It is best to examine the ingredients than buy the name brand of the product. They could either cause damage or not clean the clothes properly.

Detergent Residue

There are two reasons why there is a detergent residue on the clothes– it is either the powdered detergent is not dissolving correctly, or you have added too much detergent on the load. Ensure that the load does not exceed the suggested capacity, so the garments can create friction and dissolve the powdered detergent well.

You can easily prevent the detergent residue by having a cold-water cycle with liquid laundry detergent. You have to fill in the machine with cold water and add the detergent first before the clothes.

If the problem continues, you can try using a water-softening product to prevent hard water.

Also, do not worry. You can remove the hard-water residue on your favorite clothes. Create a solution with 1 cup of white vinegar, and dilute it with 1 gallon of warm water. Soak them for a couple of minutes. If you sense that the residue is removed, you can rinse and re-wash the clothes.

Avoid these common laundry problems instead of always making a solution. It would be best to do the prevention methods than spending money on repairing the clothes. Always be mindful of these things to avoid further problems.

If you are not confident enough to wash your clothes on your own, you can hire a maid service or  laundry cleaning service Waukesha WI to do the laundry for you.