Common Mistakes When Washing Jeans

Common Mistakes When Washing Jeans

In the opinion of many people, using a washing machine to wash jeans can not only discolor, but even wear out the fabric and the pants will deteriorate more quickly if you do not know the following methods. Jeans are one of the indispensable items in our wardrobe. But “cool” jeans will make it more or less difficult for you in the laundry stage. Therefore, you should also do a quick research on how to select a washing machine then you can use your favorite jeans for a long time.

If you do not know how, you will destroy the pants that you so much love. The following article will show the mistakes that almost everyone makes when washing jeans with a washing machine.


Leave the outside of jeans

One of the most common mistakes that can lead to discoloration is that the user does not turn the jeans over.

Always remember to turn your jeans inside out first, buttoning and zipping to avoid fabric fading and potential damage to your jeans.

Wash several jeans at the same time

You should not wash multiple jeans at the same time in the washer. It can save energy and electricity for your home, but it can damage your jeans faster because the zippers, buttons, etc. of the jeans will collide due to lack of space, leading to unnecessary damage.

Do not select an appropriate washing program

You usually choose a washing program for all types of clothes. Remember that jeans are less likely to get dirty, and washing them can also lead to wear and color fading. Choose a light wash cycle and cool water temperature to keep your jeans fresh.

Do not use fabric softener

One of those notes is to use a fabric softener. It will not only smell your jeans but also make it softer, as well as better protect the fabric after each wash. In addition to using regular detergent, you should use fabric softener when washing jeans.

Do not take out the jeans immediately

Sometimes, after the washing machine has completed the washing cycle, we are often lazy not to take it out to dry, making the pants wrinkled, smelly and smelly. Take it out and let it dry immediately to avoid wrinkling the jeans as much as possible, making them look like new.

How to wash jeans with a washing machine properly

Turn the jeans left and zip, this step will help prevent your jeans from corroding, by rubbing against the drum.

Choosing a gentle wash will help protect your jeans. One of the taboos in washing jeans is using hot water for washing. Use cold water, to avoid discoloration of the pants.

With stains that are hard to remove on jeans. You should wet and apply a little detergent directly on the spot, then rub lightly with your hand or toothbrush, then put in the washing machine. Avoid setting the time to wash jeans too long, which will corrode the fabric and quickly fade, especially for tube tops, said John O. from Mimy Online.

About Tube Tops

The tube top is a cordless shirt, hugging around the chest and fixed by a rubber strap on the upper and lower body of the shirt. You may not know, the forerunner of the tube shirt was the type of swimwear strapless in a two-piece bikini.

Once a redundant fabric due to “technical error”, tube tops became an indispensable part of the disco style of the 1970s. During the 1990s and 2000s, tube top made an impressive comeback on the high fashion catwalk. and in the closet of many stars such as Britney Spears, Victoria Beckham … And so far, this simple dress still occupies the hearts of so many modern girls.