CRO & SEO – Why they work together?

SEO focuses on improving your website rankings, which results in a boost in your organic traffic. Conversion Rate Optimisation aims to convert that traffic by encouraging more people to act, whether that be signing up for your newsletter, filling out a contact form, or purchasing.

In other words, CRO helps you convert more of the traffic you drive with SEO. This traffic can be localised, for example if you have a business in Sydney and you would like to boost your organic traffic, then you would perform SEO for Sydney

5 CRO Tips to upscale your Ecommerce Sales

The ultimate objective in ecommerce is to convert a visitor into a paying customer. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) does nothing better than help us achieve that goal.

If a conversion is defined as the number of people who make a purchase, for example, CRO helps you ensure that you can boost conversion rates on your ecommerce site based on any predetermined objective in your company.

There are some things you may be doing right now to guarantee that your conversion rates reach their maximum potential. We’ve compiled a list of ten must-try strategies for you.

1. Ensure that the proper security signals are in place.

Signals that make customers feel at ease and that they’re dealing with a real business are called security signals. After all, 19% of customers won’t provide their credit card information if they don’t trust the site.

A “safe checkout” badge is one type of security signal or trust indicator. These can be provided by payment processors like PayPal and Mastercard.

Most badges have a specific colour, design, and text that represents your business. For example, the Sperry Topsider has a gold-coloured badge with the words “Choose Your Own Adventure.” If you’re selling something other than apparel or accessories, give it its own unique identifier. A company’s legal name should be displayed on the website.

2. Put the spotlight on your customer.

Customers want to know that your company understands them and supplies what they need. Chances are slim that they’ll make a purchase if you don’t meet their needs. Refer back to your buyer persona for this. (If you don’t have one yet, we recommend creating one.)

Start by considering your customer’s objectives. What do they want to achieve? Zoom in on their difficulties next. What is it that is preventing them from reaching their goal? Finally, ask the most important question: how does your company help them cross that gap?

If your company has several client categories, you’ll want to separate them so that everything you send their way is tailored and appropriate.

3. Use high quality images in your product pages.

If you’re selling your items online, make sure your product images are excellent and high-resolution. It’s a good idea to hire a professional photographer who has experience photographing products online.

4.  Practice your copywriting skills.

It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of so many options. You could use a proven approach that has worked well for others, or you could try something new and exciting. It doesn’t have to be complicated; all it takes is appealing to your target audience.

Experiment with copywriting that emphasizes the advantages of your items in different ways. Try emphasizing problem areas and how your goods address them, as well as emphasizing the benefits of your products. Keep in mind some of the most basic copywriting guidelines, such as using a clear call-to-action (CTA) and speaking in language that your audience will understand.

5. Invest in the right tools.

To achieve CRO success, you must invest in the correct tools. Analytics programs like as Google Analytics will undoubtedly help you. However, if you can afford it, investing in additional specialized tools, such as a heatmap analyzer, sales funnel trackers, or customer satisfaction tools is always a plus. CRO is 

After all, tools like these assist you in obtaining the data you need to gain specific insights that will help you decide your next actions.


If you need any guidance on CRO or SEO for your Sydney based website, then contact Digital Nomads HQ!

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