customized diamond painting

Customized diamond painting is a spectacular way to show the artistic side of your personality, even if you have a little taste for it. This is because you will be working on something you love, your own personal image converted into a diamond painting.

Using an applicator tool and wax, you arrange diamonds and set them on an adhesive canvas that features a colour-coded chart. But this is more than a fun and productive hobby. Since customized diamond painting can be considered a way to release tension, you can enjoy peace, clarity, and happiness all while expressing your creativity.

Following are the tools and accessories that are actually included or what you need to go out and purchase. Also, there is a list of other additional accessories you can include to complete your diamond art studio.

Basic Supplies and Accessories for Customized diamond painting

From drills and pens to light pads, here are the basic accessories to prepare you for this wonderful new hobby.

Drills and Pens

There are two main diamond art pens from which you have to choose one: drill pens and wax pens. Now we look at how they are used. Diamond drill pens–Drill pens are the most commonly used option, and they’re included within each customized diamond painting kit.

Next, you drop it into the correct position on the canvas. The Diamond Wax pens apply wax directly to the diamond piece.

Light Pad

Another accessory is the customized diamond painting light pad. Not only can a light pad enlighten each diamond from beneath, making a spectacular display. Customized diamond painting light pads are especially useful in making sure each diamond piece is placed in its respective position eliminating mistakes. The pads offered on this site have various advantages. It is not battery-operated which means you don’t have to worry about the battery.

Instead of a battery, it’s simply connected by a 3.3-foot USB cable through devices such as a PC, phone adapter, or power bank. Another advantage of this diamond art light pad is that it is an LED lamp, which means you will experience less eye strain and headaches. This is especially important if you suffer from migraines and headaches. This light pad also extends battery time.

Glue or Wax

Using your pen nib, you dip it in the glue and then the diamond drill. This is meant to make it easy to transfer each colored gem to their perspective location without dropping it. Also, there’s no need to apply the glue again. You can use the same dabbed droplet again.

Additional Customized diamond painting Accessories to Complete Your Setup.

1.  Craft Tables and Easels 

If you truly want to complete your customized diamond painting, then craft tables and easels are the perfect addition. It should have the following features.

Angled and Height Adjustable 

Choose a craft table that offers desired angled position, sparing you from the tension of working hunched over which can create the worst neck aches.

Storage Compartments

Storage compartments are very useful. They can store your beads and pens safely and making less chance of damaging them. The beauty of an adjustable drawing board is that you can place it on any existing table and can take it where you want.

  1. Ergonomic Chair

Besides having a proper table and workspace another important way of getting comfort is, ergonomic chair. Sitting for long lengths of time can cause neck aches and even backaches. So, try out different chairs, but ultimately settle on one with an adjustable backrest that follows the shape of your spine. The main purpose of it is to give you comfort.

  1. Storage Compartments

This way, you can dive right into it without having to spread everything out or clean up previous messes.

  1. Diamond Organizer

With this 30-slot diamond organizer, you can easily keep tracking of all your colored diamonds. With this container, you’re sure that there is not any chance to lose a single diamond ever again.

  1. Frames

Once you have completed your masterpiece, you may want to frame it and show it to the world. You can use the following types of frames:

Standard Sized Frames  

You can find different frame styles and finishes to suit your existing decor. However, keep in mind that customized diamond paintings do not come in standard sizes, so you may need to trim down your canvas to fit in. Another tip is to frame the artwork without the glass; otherwise, it could dull the grace of the diamonds.

Stretcher bars

These are perfect for framing your canvas diamond art piece. In addition, they can be found in various shapes and sizes. The first thing to measure your painting first and decide if you would like the artwork to stretch around the canvas edges, or if you prefer to have a border. You will also need staples and a staple gun to hold it in place.