Water Leaks

If you see discoloration in the ceiling, don’t take it lightly as you can soon notice a few drops dripping from the ceiling, and then you know that you have a water leak problem from the ceiling in the room. Discoloration and wet spots in the ceiling indicate water leaks.

In this case, you might be in big trouble, as the water leaks from the ceiling arise a big question on the structure and integrity of your home. It will affect the sale price of your house negatively.

If you see the water droplets in the ceiling, then it means that you have a ceiling leak for a few months and now you have a more damaged ceiling.

As a result, you have to spend more money as compared to the one that you require to pay for repairs at the start. So, don’t overlook any discoloration and wet spots on the ceiling.

If you wanted to know how to fix the ceiling, then first you need to learn the methods of detection of water leaks from the ceiling and should know all the possible types of ceiling water leaks.

Types of Ceiling Leaks

There could be different types of ceiling leaks, let’s talk about these possible types:

Plumbing Water Leaks

Many times the main reason for ceiling water leaks is bad plumbing. There might be different types of plumbing issues passing from the ceiling that can cause the water droplets to fall from the ceiling.

There could be different problems in the plumbing as well. A caulk wears off might be one reason for the plumbing water leak. With that rusting and old pipes can also leak the water as they got damaged due to rusting.

Sometimes, extreme weather conditions can also cause water leaks in the pipes. Like in the winter, water can gets freeze in the pipes that can then burst the pipes as well.

Most of the plumbing leaks happen in the bathrooms or in the kitchens. So, if you have a bathroom or a kitchen above the points from where the ceiling is leaked, you should check your plumbing.

Another sign of a plumbing leak is the water drops falling from the ceiling are clear and there is no dirt in the water.

Roofing Leaks

If there are no plumbing leaks, then you might have a roof leaking. Any damaged shingles or cracks in the roofing tiles can cause a roofing leak. Water can leak from the roof in any season.

During the snow, if it freezes on the roof for a long time it can create cracks in the roof, and then ice melts and water finds its way to enter into the cracks. This water then you will see falling from the ceiling in form of little drops.

One sign of a roofing leak is the color of water leaks from the ceiling. It could be yellowish and have some dirt as well. If you see this sign, it indicates a roofing leak.

Water Leaks from Faulty Appliances

Faulty appliances can also cause ceiling water leaks. Home appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners that are attached to the drain lines can cause a ceiling leak.

With this type of ceiling leak, water coming from the ceiling might have some dust on it but it will not be clear like a plumbing leak and will not have mud or dirt like the water leaks from the roofing leak.

If you closely inspect the home appliances which are leak, you will find some water collected under the appliances on the floor. This water can also crack into the ceiling and cause ceiling water leaks.

Burst Pipes

Extreme weather conditions, especially the winter season when the temperature is below freezing point can cause the pipes to burst.

This kind of water leak will not take much time and you will see excessive water dripping from the ceiling in no time.

Signs of Ceiling Water Leaks

If you know these signs, you can repair any ceiling leak before it creates more damage. here are some signs that you should take notice of if you see any of these:

Peeling Paint: When water leaks from the ceiling for a long time and accumulates at some point it can cause the peeling of paint or even paint can start to flake.

Ceiling Discoloration: Discoloration of the ceiling is another clear sign of the ceiling water leak. These spots of discoloration are often formed due to the mixing of different types of water leaks.

Steps To Fix Ceiling Leak

These are simple steps that you can take to fix the ceiling leak. If you don’t know how to do this, you can call an experienced contractor as well.

  • Detection of water leaks and fix it
  • Let the damaged ceiling dry
  • Those parts of the ceiling which are not repairable must be changed. Else they will create more problems.
  • Install new ceiling materials
  • Finally you need to seal the sealing and paint it