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Dolphin Tours in Charleston SC

If you’re interested in dolphin watching, you’ll be delighted to learn that Charleston is home to many different species of dolphins. Often called strand feeders, dolphins in Charleston have adapted a new hunting strategy that involves rapidly circling a school of fish and herding them for feeding. You’ll be able to observe this fascinating behavior during a Dolphin Tour in Charleston. Here are some things to keep in mind before booking your trip.



The cost of dolphin tours in Charleston SC varies depending on the destination. For example, a 2-hour tour with dolphins is relatively inexpensive. Other options include an all-day excursion, sunset cruises, and evening moonlight sails. In addition to dolphin tours, there are plenty of other options for sightseeing in Charleston, SC. Some of the most popular attractions in town are also part of the Charleston Water Taxi, which connects Mount Pleasant with downtown Charleston. It runs a loop around the Charleston Harbor from nine in the morning to eight in the evening. For $14, visitors can ride the water taxi from nine in the morning to eight at night.

A 1.5-hour dolphin tour provides enough time for you to spot dolphins and learn about their behavior. The Carolina Skiff Bay Boat explores the calm waterways behind Folly Beach, where more than 300 Atlantic bottlenose dolphins can be found. A knowledgeable captain will show you the ins and outs of this saltwater wilderness and answer any questions you have. A dolphin tour is an unforgettable experience, and the cost of dolphin tours Charleston SC is definitely worth it!


DelMar Charters

You can learn all about the ocean’s wildlife by taking a dolphin tour on the water. Charleston is home to strand feeding dolphins and many other aquatic creatures. These animals have developed a unique hunting strategy and are quick to circle a school of fish for feeding. On the dolphin tours, you will have the opportunity to see the dolphins in their natural habitat, learn about the history of the area, and even get some great photos!

The Charleston area is rich in historic sites and natural landmarks, and upscale shopping. The city is also home to beautiful water views and stunning sunsets. There’s something for everyone, so you can customize your experience to suit your group’s needs. DelMar Charters Dolphin Tours Charleston SC.



There are many attractions in Charleston, SC, but nothing beats a dolphin tour to see these playful marine mammals up close and personal. Charleston’s backwaters are home to hundreds of bottlenose dolphins. These gentle giants love to hang out with humans and will often swim close to the boats. They’re fast swimmers, capable of speeds of up to 34 mph. Because they thrive in the salt marshes and inlets, they are a wonderful way to experience Charleston from the water.

Dolphins are among the most fascinating creatures in the world, and Charleston is a great place to observe this unique creature up close. Dolphins in Charleston display a unique feeding behavior called strand feeding.



If you are interested in learning more about dolphins, take one of Charleston’s dolphin tours. These tours will show you the social behavior of these marine mammals. You will also learn about the endangered loggerhead sea turtle. These tours are scheduled during the summer and are timed to coincide with sunset. If you wish to bring food for the dolphins, you can bring it with you on the tour. The captains will slow down so you can see them and take photos of them.

If you want to see wild Atlantic bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat, you can book a cruise. These dolphins live in Folly Beach and are rare and unique. You can see them feeding in their natural habitat, which is unusual for other marine mammals. During your cruise, you will also be able to admire beautiful coastal scenery, including the famous Charleston skyline. You can book a cruise from Ripley Light Marina, and you can enjoy the tour with up to 18 other passengers.

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