The drone can take impressive photos and videos that cannot be captured from the ground. Do you need a drone and what is important to consider if you decide to rent one for a wedding?

The popularity of unmanned aerial vehicles is growing, which is not surprising – you surely regularly admire the breathtaking images taken by drones. Or are you still doubtful regarding in-air photo-shoot and want to understand the benefits and pitfalls of such a wedding photo shoot? We have collected all the information about wedding photography with a drone to make it easier for you to decide. If you are looking for a drone photo shoot expert, you may want to know about Drönarfotograf Göteborg.


Protection is the very important thing to consider while dealing with drones. At first glance, it seems that these harmless drones cannot be dangerous, but this is not entirely true. These flying machines could be defined as tiny-helicopters loaded with HD cameras, so in case these devices gets out of control, you risk not only being left without photos, but also becoming a witness and participant in accidents when the drone destroys wedding decorations or touches someone. of the guests.

Therefore, if you decide to organize aerial photography at a wedding, you should definitely hire a professional who has technical documents and a certificate confirming that he has completed a drone management course, as well as a lot of experience. You can hire a wedding photographer who shoots both on the ground and from the air, but it is still better to hire several specialists for photo shoots in different planes so that the same moments are captured from the ground and from a bird’s eye view. And be sure to conclude an agreement with the photographer, where your actions will be spelled out in case of unforeseen situations (for example, if the drone crashes or touches something or someone).

Features of Drones Photo-Shoots

The drones are quite sturdy, but they are still electronic devices, so you won’t be able to shoot in pouring rain or in strong winds. But the frost will not stop the drone: drone batteries are resistant to low temperatures, and in the cold, the equipment discharges more slowly and works even for a few minutes longer.

Indoor shooting

You can also shoot indoor with a drone, but it is much more risky, so proceed with caution. The main condition for the drone to work is a high ceiling and a minimum of interference in the drone’s path. One more thing – drone propellers are very noisy, and therefore it will definitely be inappropriate when reading vows indoors. But in the open air, in a large area and especially above the water surface, a drone is irreplaceable!

Advantages of the site

Drone photography can be truly delightful, dynamic, colorful and breathtaking. Especially amazing shots are obtained in the open air if the wedding takes place in the mountains, in a picturesque valley, by the sea or by the river. But city shooting or a photo session on the territory of a castle or a country hotel can also be impressive. If you have chosen a beautiful and spacious location for your wedding ceremony, this is another reason to hire a drone photographer.