Editing Guide: How to Password Protect PDF Files The Easiest Way Using PDFBear
Editing Guide: How to Password Protect PDF Files The Easiest Way Using PDFBear

Editing Guide: How to Password Protect PDF Files The Easiest Way Using PDFBear

Guarding your documents is the best solution amongst users to preserve against restraining access to their sensitive documents and crucial information. The stronger the password, the more safeguarded the PDF files will be from dangerous intents and gearheads. It’s essential to maintain a strong password to protect confidential documents.

Good thing, PDBear lets users have the finest tools to keep PDF files extra guarded. This web-based converter tool allows individuals to turn any documents into different kinds of file formats for free. PDFBear is the ideal converter tool for any of your document-related activities. Here’s how to set a password to protect your file.

How To Use The Password Protect Tool?

The majority of people have second thoughts and are afraid their information and files will be hacked or stolen. Luckily, PDFBear provides a Password Protect PDF tool that will assist in keeping files protected. This also conceals the PDF files with a handy password to keep the details private.

To do that, PDFBear uses a 256-Bit encryption compact to set a password, so cracking the code will be impossible. There are only four easy steps to comply. To arrange a password, upload the file or drag and drop it into the designated toolbox. Once done, set the password.

It’s recommendable to use a unique password that contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. A long password provides more certainty compared to a short one. After setting a password, PDFBear will directly start the conversion process, and please wait for a while before saving the newly converted file.

You are 100% guaranteed secured from the prying eyes. On a side note, avoid using unknown WIFI connections when attempting to type your password on a specific device. The reason for this is that some technocrats can delay necessary information and password over unguarded connections.

1.    Excellent Security System

Not everyone knows this, but PDFBear is SSL encrypted. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, an accessible technology connection that protects internet browsers accessed between two programs. PDFBear does not guarantee password protection to files but ensures every conversion is coded.

SSL encryption prevents you from getting viruses, malware, hackers, scammers, and all other malicious intent on the web. Setting a password on files using PDFBear is a vital feature that no online converter tools have. There may be hundreds that can be found on the internet, but it’s hard to find a reliable and efficient tool like PDFBear.

On top of that, PDFBear has a unique security system that secure people of any age can use without getting any inconvenience and alarming situations. This specific policy is the 60-minute policy wherein everything that has been transmitted, conducted, and converted on their website will be deleted permanently after 60 minutes.

Using PDFBear, you will always be at ease knowing you’re in the right hands and will sleep better at night. Your safety and protection are one of their utmost priorities and highest standards. They indeed respect and value their users to have the best and comfortable experience throughout the entire process.

2.    Quick Access

One great feature of PDFBear is its ability to have an easy and quick sharing feature. This allows users to easily share their work with friends or colleagues through email or the shareable link. If via email, you must put all the necessary data in the email tab and select send.

If through the link, copy and paste the shareable link into your selected online platform. The said link is only valid for 24 hours. There is no need to worry whenever you need to have your duty to be viewed by your classmates, workmates, or friends as you can always have the option to send it anytime.

3.    PRO-Version

As stated, PDFBear’s tools and features are for free; they can only be used a certain number of times. However, upgrading to their premium version. These specific grounds are avoidable and unique perks, and benefits are always on the option. There’s also a 14 day trial for anyone who wants to have a glimpse of the PRO users.


PDFBear is the ultimate tool not just for securing a password to your PDF files, but it also allows you to have a display of options for any of your document-related activities. It’s the best handy tool whenever you need to convert anytime and anywhere. It helps and makes work light and manageable.