data loss

For the longest time, we have been noticing that there is a debate going on about magnets being harmful to electronic devices. It has been said in the past that magnets getting anywhere near electronic devices can be very stressful. The smartphone screens can start warping and the system can get shut down forever. However, there is a dire need to have a debate on this ongoing discussion and discard the myths that have been circulating forever.

With the old electronic devices, this issue was very common as there were CRT monitors and televisions, which were susceptible to magnetic fields. Placing a magnet around them could cause screen distortion but thankfully, modern televisions, smartphones, and monitors are not susceptible in this way. Most modern electronics, like our smartphones, and tablets do not get adversely affected by small magnets; but the users need to know, is that all. Or the magnets still affect the devices. To answer all these questions, let us find out:

How do magnets Cause the Data Loss?

Most of the magnets that we see around and come across every day are not super strong ones. These magnets will not have any adverse effect on your electronic devices. The general public needs to know that the devices we are using have several small magnets inside them that are responsible for performing important functions. For example, Apple Watch has used a magnetic inductive wireless charging system. Knowing all of this you should not get carried away and start rubbing magnets all over your smartphone. There are other things that you need to consider as well.

Magnetic fields can temporarily interfere with the digital compass and magnetometer inside your smartphone which can turn out to be very serious. People have been conducting experiments with phones to show how sensors can get affected by a magnet. One major problem that was observed that the internal magnetic sensors inside the phone can get affected by a magnet. There is a possibility that your compass will not read correctly. Various other games that you have installed on your smartphones use sensors that can get affected by magnetic presence. Your Google map also uses the sensor to detect which way the phone is facing that can easily get affected by a magnet presence. If your phone is acting weird, take it to the nearest cell phone repair shop and get it fixed.

Manufacturers of smartphones have to ensure that the built-in magnet compass does not get affected or they should give warnings on the accessory designs so that the users can avoid it. Keeping all of this in mind, users should know that magnets cannot kill your device completely, but they can affect some of the major features of your smartphone, so they should not take any risk around them.

What about hard drives?

This is an extremely important narrative in the world of entertainment that magnets can erase hard drives. A massive electromagnet was used by Walter White in Breaking Bad to wipe the evidence off of a hard drive. So, keeping that in view are our fears about magnets erasing hard drives valid or we should question their validity? Magnetically recorded data can get corrupted by magnets’ presence, but it is only possible if there is an incredibly strong magnet around the hard drive that has data in it. These hard drives cannot get affected by regular-sized magnets so if you stick magnets outside your PC tower it will not have any effect on the hard drive of your system.


Thus, it has been explained in the article that magnets are not as harmful as they are considered to be for the electronic devices we use. Modern-day devices are designed such that they are least affected by the magnetic field of the magnets. We just have to make sure that we keep them away from the junk and dust of the environment to keep them running smoothly, as modern devices do not get harmed by regular size magnets or their magnetic fields.