Electronic File Management Made Easy With PDFBear Web-Based Tools

Dealing with electronic files can be the most challenging task for other people, especially if they don’t have the right tools at hand. Decades ago, managing files on your computer could give you stress and frustration. You might need a computer professional to help you or use the most updated software to complete your file tasks. It might cost you more and give you an additional workload.

However, as years go by, technology advances and becomes innovative in creating new trends in electronic file management. Nowadays, at the tip of your fingers, you can get free file tools to help you convert your existing electronic files to other formats, set up a password, remove PDF encryption, and many other file tasks that you need to complete.

You can get these free tools from different websites online. However, not all of these tool providers can produce high-quality results and provide security for your files. But there’s a website online that most electronic file users access across the globe, and that’s PDFBear. Hence, go over the complete details below about the PDFBear web-based tools to help you manage all of your electronic files with so much convenience and ease.

Unlock Passworded PDF

Encryption in the PDF files will significantly help protect the data and important details they contain from any chance of unwanted access and unpermitted use. However, if you have some passworded PDFs that only have general information and without any sensitive content, it’ll be best if you keep them password-free. With that, you can use the unlock PDF file tool of PDFBear for entirely free.

Just upload your encrypted PDF files on the PDFBear website. You’ll then input the password and tap the “unlock PDF” button right away. It’ll immediately initiate the whole decryption process that will take a few minutes to complete. After that, you can now have your password-free PDF files downloaded directly to your device’s drive.

Encrypt PDF Files

Next on the list is this helpful online password protection tool of PDFBear that will allow you to set up a secure password for your PDF files. It’ll be best to use this particular tool if there are confidential data and information in your files that you need to keep safe all the time. The entire process is quick and completely trouble-free.

You only have to get your PDFs uploaded on the PDFBear website. You then have to create a strong and unique password, combining different characters like capital and small letters, numerals, and other symbols you like. When you finally have a secure password, you’ll then hit the “encrypt PDF” button so that the encryption procedure will begin to process right away. Then, after a few minutes, your PDF files are now fully encrypted, and you can directly save them on your device.

Convert Electronic Files

When you need another format of your existing files to complete your tasks, this online file conversion tool of PDFBear is all you need. It’ll allow you to process electronic conversions in a matter of a few minutes. If you need a more fixed copy of your Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations, you can go ahead and transform them into PDF files.

Moreover, suppose you have some PDFs that contain valuable information, and you want to keep them on your device for a long time. In that case, you have to convert them to PDF/A format so that the overall quality and setup will remain the same even after many years of safekeeping. You can visit the actual website of PDFBear to check other file formats available for free conversions.

Merge PDF Files

One of the challenging tasks for most PDF users is to properly organize their files when they have tons of them on their devices. Don’t worry because PDFBear has a specialized online tool to help you fix this concern. You can use its PDF merger tool for entirely free. It’ll allow you to combine multiple PDF files and save them into a single file.

Hence, you can merge those PDFs you commonly use to complete the same tasks. You can also choose those files you’ve got from the same source to be in one file. You can merge your PDFs in a way that you think will work best for you.

The primary goal of using this online tool of PDFBear is to help you avoid your PDFs getting scattered and messed up on your device’s screen. Hence, if your computer file folders are well -organized, you’ll surely find it easy to search for a particular PDF file the next time you need one.


As mentioned above, electronic file management can be challenging for anyone who doesn’t have reliable file tools. Hence, if you’ll experience the same struggle in managing your files in the future, don’t forget to access the PDFBear website and use its set of online tools for free. you can  check pdf to jpeg