Email marketing campaigns comprises a set of methods applied by marketing teams to achieve their desired marketing goals via email marketing. This plan of action allows marketers to be in direct communication with their customers and leads for brand promotion. 

A good marketing strategy allows marketers to set reasonable goals, as well as an easy-to-follow roadmap for the email marketing campaign to be successful. Besides, this makes it easier for other stakeholders to know what’s expected of them, thus guaranteeing synchronicity while executing an email campaign.

With that let’s look at the top winner and loser email marketing strategies in 2021. Read on for more information. 

Top winner strategies

Email personalization

We cannot overemphasize the importance of email personalization. However, it’s good to understand that email personalization is the key to the success of your email marketing. Following the statistics provided by your email marketing provider, you can easily meet the needs of your customers, and create an email that’s directly related to the behavior, interests, history, and preferences of your customers. 

In case you doubt the effectiveness of personalized emails, statistics released by Instapage show that personalized emails can give you an ROI of 122%. The National Client Email report, on the other hand, shows that targeted emails make 58% of total revenue. As the competition continues to become stiff in 2021, these figures can assist your business to stay afloat. 

Don’t forget to about killer subject lines

Attention-grabbing subject lines will always carry the day when it comes to email marketing. Subject lines will always continue to be an important part of any email marketing strategy. With that, you must note that most people decide whether or not to open their emails depending on the subject lines. 

Therefore, creating subject lines that make your readers interested in the email increases their chances of opening and reading the email. The following are some tips to help you in creating killer subject lines:

  • Make it short and simple
  • Ensure it conveys the message of the email
  • If possible, add some humor to make it unique
  • Make it shocking to controversial to create interest
  • Use questions to create curiosity
  • Personalize the message to make it important

Keep your emails short and add some visual

The truth is, no one wishes to go through lengthy emails. Most people don’t have the time for that. Even with the most essential emails, most people will scan through the email. Therefore, if you want your customers to read your marketing emails, ensure that your emails are easy to read.

A good way to make this possible is to keep the emails well-structured and short. Make good use of short sentences or bullet points, and avoid long sentences or paragraphs. Besides, incorporate more images than text in these emails. The thing is, first think about whether you’d read the email if someone else sends it to you. 

Top loser strategies

Failing to consider mobile users

Close to 97% of all Americans own mobile phones, with 77% of the Americans using a smart device every day. So, failing to customize your email campaigns to load on mobile devices can harm your email marketing strategies. 

This shows the importance of testing your email campaigns on different devices to remove any load time and quality issues. And, although it’s a big challenge for marketers to control speed problems caused by poor network connection or older devices, they can still create layouts that allow most readers to access their content with ease. 

Failing to add clear Call-to-Action buttons

All your marketing emails should have a purpose—whether you want your customers to subscribe to a service or follow you on Facebook or Instagram. Thus, all your marketing emails should have a call to action of what you want your customers to do. Besides, it’s essential to make sure that you are clear on what you need your customers to do—failing to do so will be just a waste of resources. 

First, you must decide what you need your email recipient to do. Then, draw the recipient’s attention to the email, and let them take an action with very few clicks. However, you should be very careful to avoid overdoing this with CTAs. The last thing you want to do is to confuse or overwhelm email recipients. 

Failing to use email previews

Today, most email programs have previews, which give a brief introduction about the contents of the email. Typically, the preview functions like leads in a news story—and this should persuade the reader to open the email. However, most people don’t utilize this feature in their marketing strategies, and they end up losing prospective customers. 

Failing to use email validation tools

Email validation tools, like the email validation tool by Byteplant, play an important part in email marketing. These tools help to validate the authenticity of email addresses before sending emails to your prospective customers. Incorporating an email validation tool into your email marketing strategies will ensure that your emails reach the intended customers and that there are no dead ends. 

Bottom Line

There you go! These are the top winner and loser email marketing strategies in 2021. Please keep these in mind when starting your email marketing campaigns to avoid disappointments down the line.