The 5 Best MuleSoft Training and Online Courses for 2021
The 5 Best MuleSoft Training and Online Courses for 2021

Does seeing the words “ready to assemble” make your heart drop into your stomach? Are you perplexed by the tiny screws and the detailed instruction manual? While some people turn up their noses at ready to assemble furniture, the fact of the matter is; it’s a cost-efficient blessing in hard times.

The prices of ready to assemble furniture are jaw-droppingly 25-50% cheaper than assembled furniture, making it a pocket-friendly way to revamp your home.

What Is RTA Furniture?

Ready to assemble or RTA furniture is a type of furniture that requires customers to put
together after purchase.
People usually purchase ready to assemble furniture for home renovations, home improvement projects, or office use.
Ready to assemble furniture can be found in all sorts of locations in your home, which include bedrooms, offices, and even outdoors. Furniture which arrives in pieces in a flat package or carton, such as dressers, kitchen cabinets, and wardrobes, belongs to the RTA furniture category.

History of Ready to Assemble Furniture

Developed during post-war Europe, unassembled furniture was created to ease a major problem. An enormous need for cheap home furnishings appeared after the damage of World War 2.
Hardwood was in short supply, but furniture makers found alternative materials. They were
wood chips and shavings, compressed and then covered with stained paper, foil or melamine, a white resin.

Benefits of Ready to Assemble Furniture

Some reasons why RTA furniture is so much less expensive than assembled furniture is because of its composition and because it’s sold in more compact boxes. Ready to assemble furniture, oftentimes use particleboard and veneer, which makes it more budget-friendly.

Assembled furniture has caveats; if you live in a cramped area or where the assembled
furniture piece cannot squeeze through, that is a problem. RTA furniture is preferable in these instances. Also, if you’re renting your home and need to change houses every so often, RTA may be a better option as you can simply pack it in a box and ship it to your new address.

More cost-efficient: By assembling the furniture themselves, consumers can cut down costs.
Easy, simple transportation: One of the main benefits of RTA furniture is that it is easy to transport since the packages are flat. Also, delivery time is quicker since it is more compact than fully assembled furniture.
Leaves you feeling like you accomplished something: There’s nothing like the satisfaction of building and assembling something on your own.

Things to Know Before Assembling Your Furniture 

1. While your ready to assemble furniture package comes with every necessary piece, you
may still need to have basic hand tools like hammers, screwdrivers and rubber mallets.

2. To assemble the furniture successfully, you’ll need to have patience and be able to
follow instructions carefully.

3. Depending on which company you purchase from, you might not be able to call the
shop for help. In this case, you’ll have to call the manufacturer directly for support and

According to, Global Market Insights Inc. reports that the global
furniture market will exceed $885 billion by 2026. People increasingly embracing modular and self-assembled furniture will generate considerable growth potential in the furniture industry.
So, all things considered, ready to assemble furniture has many advantages, including being cost-efficient and easy to transport.