Exploring PDFBear Online Tools: A Wise Choice to Manage Your Electronic Files
Exploring PDFBear Online Tools: A Wise Choice to Manage Your Electronic Files

Exploring PDFBear Online Tools: A Wise Choice to Manage Your Electronic Files

Many people have different file needs to address for various practical reasons. It could be converting current files to other file formats, repairing corrupted PDFs, or encrypting important electronic documents for security purposes. But, accomplishing these tasks seems to be stressful and time-consuming.

However, as technology advances continuously, the number of sites on the internet increases to help and assist people who struggle with employing effective file management by giving free services and file tools. One of these popular websites that most people have been utilizing for many years is PDFBear. Check out the list of PDFBear online tools below, and you’ll then find it as your smart choice for managing and organizing all your electronic files.

File Converter

One of the commonly used file tools is the file converter of PDFBear. You can use the tool to transform your files into a different file format. If you wish to have a fixed copy of your Excel spreadsheets, you can quickly convert Excel to PDF. The same thing goes for your PPT and Word documents. You can also transform them into a PDF format for easy use and convenience.

There are other file formats available on the website of PDFBear for more conversions that you can check and use for your future tasks and projects. The good thing about this file converter is that it won’t take long to finish the conversion process. You don’t have to wait for long hours to get it done. Just spare a couple of minutes of your time, and you can get your files successfully converted to the format you need.

PDF Security

Another online tool of PDFBear is the PDF protect. It’s the tool you’ll need to activate a password in your PDF files. You only have to get your PDFs uploaded on the online tool that you can find on the PDFBear website. Then, create a secure password by incorporating different characters, such as numerals, capital, and small letters, and other symbols of your choosing.

The system will immediately save the password you’ve provided in no time. After a couple of minutes, you can now download the newly encrypted PDF files and save them in your smartphone or computer file drive. That’s how PDFBear can easily set up a password for your PDFs that’s so easy and time-saving.

PDF Merger

When you have tons of PDF files scattered all over the screen of your smartphone or computer, that’ll consequently give you a problem the next time you’ll be looking for a particular PDF document. Hence, you have to employ an effective file organization, and PDFBear has a specialized online tool to do the job.

The PDF merger tool is all you need to combine two, three, or more PDFs into one PDF file. If you have particular PDF files that you usually use for work, school, hobbies, business, and others, you can combine them together based on the purpose you use them for, the creation date, or the original sources where you got these files.

By doing so, if you have hundreds or even thousands of PDF files on your computer or smartphone, it’ll definitely decrease in number. Hence, the next time you’ll be searching for a specific PDF file, you would know what file folder to open and which merged files to look for it. It’ll surely be time-saving and convenient.

PDF Repair

In dealing with PDF files, it’s sometimes inevitable to encounter malware or computer viruses that can damage your files. Hence, you have to be ready because it might happen again in the future. You can always access and use the PDF repair tool of PDFBear for entirely free that you can find on its official website.

Like the other tools above, you also have to upload the damaged PDFs on the PDFBear repair kit online. The system will recover your files to make them be in working condition again. However, some PDF files might be infeasible to fix due to the intent of the computer virus damage.

But for those PDFs that can still be restored, the PDFBear repair kit will be the perfect tool for you. After the system has successfully completed the recovery process with your PDFs, you can now save them on your smartphone or computer.


You might find it very challenging to manage and organize your electronic files. However, with enough skills and the use of the right tools, you’ll consequently find it a piece of cake. The four online tools discussed above are only a few of those you can find on the official website of PDFBear. Hence, if you need one right now, go ahead and visit the PDFBear site.