Famous Characters Of Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Famous Characters Of Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Famous Characters Of Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Sabrina the Teenage Witch is one of the popular American sitcoms by Nell Scovell, based on one of the Archie Comics series that was released by the same name. The show had talented stars including Melissa Joan Hart who starred as Sabrina Spellman who was the main character of the show followed by Hilda Spellman, Zelda and Salem, the sarcastic talking cat and many others who made the show a remarkable production for teenagers and people of the late 90s.

For the people of the era, Sabrina the teenage witch was one of the most followed shows for Halloween. I still remember that me and my friends were die-hard fans of Salem who used to be the black cat with an amazing voice and killer punchlines. I wish that Spectrum has Sabrina the Teenage Witch show offered in the Spectrum Silver channels offered by Spectrum Cable TV. Let’s have a look at some prominent characters of one of the best shows in American history:

Sabrina Spellman

Role Played By: Melissa Joan Hart

Famous Quotes: What’s the matter? I have to be a witch, I have to be a mortal, I have to be a teenager, and I have to be a girl all at the same time. That’s the matter.

Sabrina Spellman who is the main character in the series is a teenager who learns that she is a half-witch and discovers her magical powers on her 16th birthday. She also discovers that the two aunts she lives with are witches as well and their cat named Salem is a witch as well who was punished for attempting to dominate the world, hence was turned into a black talking cat. She has a friend at Westbridge High and a lover named Harvey Kinkle with whom she has an on and off relationship. Along with that, she has a rivalry with cheerleader Libby Chessler. She has an eventful life throughout the season.

Salem Saberhagen

Role Played By: Nick Bakay

Famous Quotes: Dogs guard. Cats watch… and judge

Salem (the personal favorite) was one of the most colorful characters that added more to the show. Salem had some amazing com-backs and one-liners that made the show more crazy and enjoyable. In the show, he was known for being cursed by the witch’s council because of attempts to dominate the world for which Salem was deprived of all his magical powers and his human form. However, he was living his life full of ambition and his friendship with Sabrina gave him bad advice including using magic to solve problems which results in more problems for Sabrina. Salem was voiced by Nick Bakay in the series.

Hilda Spellman

Role Played By: Caroline Rhea

Famous Quotes:

Zelda: I think he’s too young for me. He’s so excited about the turn of the century.

Hilda: I know, really. I partied like it was 1699, 1799, 1899 – in 1999, I’m staying home.

Hilda is a fun-loving individual and is portrayed by Caroline Rhea in the series. She usually does things that are less practical and is very different than her sister Zelda. She helps Sabrina a lot when she makes mistakes as she went through a lot of mishaps when she was quite young. Many of her magic abilities are followed by a puff of smoke and a bong sound.

Zelda Spellman

Famous Quotes: “No I… Okay I did but-but the point is I wanted you to learn that the truth is something you should find without magic.”

Zelda is one of the mature sisters among Sabrina’s aunts who taught the art of witchcraft and raised her. She is known for her blonde hair and intellectual nature. She has a passion for science, physics and chemistry and has a more logical approach to life and becomes the perfect counselor for Sabrina and often teaches and trains her when it comes to using her magical powers.

The show was an amazing blend of fun and the usual life and family drama and is one of the fondest memories I have of my childhood. There are many versions of the show but I loved the one that aired in the year 1996. I hope that there is a remake of the show and it lives to the mark and expectations of Sabrina fans.