Find the Right Size in Waifu Pillows

You need Dakimakuras in your life if you’re a workaholic with a stiff back, an avid otaku, or a person who loves cuddling while they sleep. Dakimakuras’ unique fabrics and benefits have become increasingly popular worldwide in recent years. 

Although you can classify a Dakimakura as a pillow, it can give you a unique experience in how you sleep and enjoy your time alone.

Dakimakuras are generally hard to find if you want to purchase one for yourself. Now, when looking for a Dakimakura, what exactly should you look for? That’s what we’ll discuss.

Getting the right size for your dakimakura begins with knowing what is available in different sizes.

Dakimakura Size Comparison

As of now, the market offers dakimakuras in three different sizes. You can select the appropriate size according to your height and stature and use the dakimakura. The sizes available are as follows.

100 X 35CM

Decorative dakimakuras are smaller for those who want to use these pillows as body pillows. If you want to improve the aesthetics of your living space and place them on your bed and sofa, then these are ideal. The prices are usually lower, so that’s another plus. 

160 X 50CM

Here we’re slowly entering the world of the life-size dakimakura. You should choose this size if you’re looking to purchase a cuddle pillow and are a beginner with dakimakuras.

150 x 50cm 

I think the 150 x 50cm size is just right in terms of quality and appearance and will make for an excellent choice.

160 X 60CM

Dakimakuras can be up to 160 x 60 cm in size. Dakimakura lovers and users will appreciate this custom size. The size of these dakimakuras makes them perfect for not just sleeping but also decorating. We recommend getting this size if you are comfortable with dakimakuras already, and this is not your first time.

Where to Buy Dakimakura

It is essential to find the right body pillow for your needs since body pillows come in many different sizes, shapes, and patterns. Aside from the standard rectangular-shaped pillow, we’re all familiar with, there are also a variety of L-shaped pillows and extra-long, winding pillows.

A genuine anime body pillow from Japan cannot be cheap. In other words, don’t let yourself be fooled by fake dakimakuras. It might seem inexpensive, but the products are not long-lasting and low-quality.

Standard sizes are the only sizes available for licensed dakimakuras. Dakimakuras of original size are 160cm by 50cm.

The dimensions of stolen or bootleg pillows are often described as [150cm by 50cm]. Those who have owned an actual dakimakura pillow will immediately realize that a counterfeit version will have low-quality zippers, fabrics, and construction. 

Bottom line

Choosing your dakimakura from all available options should be your first step because all options will be sourced directly from Japan. Although eBay and other similar sites may have legit products for sale, the possibility of finding a counterfeit is significantly higher on these sites. Purchasing products online should only be done from reliable sources like Sakume. Visit their website to get ideas about new Waifu pillow styles. 

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