Places to Visit in Harbin
Places to Visit in Harbin

Five Best Places to Visit in Harbin

Harbin, the capital city of Heilongjiang province, is best known as the ‘Ice City.’ This city in Northeast China is the most sought-after winter destination that hosts the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival — the largest ice and snow festival in the world. Known for its majestic snow sceneries, myriad winter sports, and beautiful Russian-style buildings, Harbin attracts a lot of national and international tourists every year. While it is true that the freezing-cold winters are when the city literally gleams with colorfully lit-up icy sculptures everywhere, Harbin’s pleasant and breezy summers make this place a popular summer resort. If you are planning a trip to this city, below are the best places to visit in Harbin.

Harbin Ice & Snow World:

Harbin Ice & Snow World is the main venue of the one-month long International Ice & Snow Festival held in January. As a part of this themed festival, several ice sculptures, castles, towers, and other ice structures adorn this largest ice and snow art exhibition in the world. These beautifully created life-size ice buildings are hailed as the finest examples of ice art. The night-view of these colorfully illuminated ice buildings is so spectacular that the place seems like a fairyland! It is also the best place to visit in Harbin to indulge in snow sports like ice golf, ice archery, skating, skiing, sliding, etc.

Saint Sophia Cathedral:

Located in Daoli district, this Russian-built church is the most famous landmark in Harbin and is the largest orthodox church in the far East. Constructed in classic Neo-Byzantine architecture, this 53.3-meter-tall red-brick church is designed like a cross in the east-west direction, and the green steeples, along with the main onion dome, are topped with golden crosses. This spot is often compared to the Red Square in Moscow. After Saint Sophia Cathedral’s decline in the 1900s, the local government renovated the church, renamed it as Harbin Art Gallery, and converted it into a museum to showcase the architectural history of Harbin.

Zhongyang Pedestrian Street:

Also known as Central Avenue, Zhongyang Pedestrian Street has been a significant commercial hub in downtown Harbin. A walk along this pedestrian street stretching one-and-a-half kilometer is a unique experience, for the cobblestone streets flanked by imposing buildings of different architectural styles (like Renaissance, Baroque, Russian, Eclectic style) remind you of the ancient streets of Moscow, Rome, and Paris. This street is aptly referred to as “a gallery of European architectural art” and hence is one of the best places to visit in Harbin for history and architecture enthusiasts. Enjoy the authentic Russian meal in the Russian restaurants and shop for the Western merchandise available in the stores of this street!

Siberian Tiger Preserve:

Home to more than 500 Siberian tigers, this park situated north of the Songhua River (near Sun Island Park) is one of the top attractions in Harbin. It is known to be China’s second-largest Siberian tiger park. Besides the Siberian tigers, the park also raises and protects white tigers, lions, pumas, leopards, jaguars, wolves, Bengal tigers, etc. All these animals are left to roam freely in the park that spreads across 355 acres of land. Visitors can explore the park and spot the animals by taking a ride in special vans protected by a wire mesh.

Yabuli Ski Resort:

Get ready for an exhilarating skiing experience at Yabuli Ski Resort. Situated 177 km southeast of Harbin, it is the largest ski resort in China and hosts professional skiing competitions. Built in a valley surrounded by three peaks of the Changbai Mountain Range, the skiing trails of Yabuli Ski Resort have an elevation ranging from 457 m to 1,375 m. It has two different sections — the alpine competitive section featuring challenging slopes for professional skiers and the leisure skiing section with safe and gentle slopes for amateur skiers. Open to the public from late November to late March, Yabuli Ski Resort also has a mini golf course, tennis court, turf court, etc. Isn’t it the best place to visit in Harbin to enjoy snow sports? Book your flights to China now!

Along with these, the Sun Island, Dragon Tower, Harbin Polar land, Heilongjiang Provincial Museum, Unit 731 Museum are some of the best places to visit in Harbin. If you are visiting in January, the International Ice & Snow Festival will definitely be the highlight of your trip! Booking flight tickets in advance can save you huge! Check out for the best discounts and deals on airfare at iEagle now!