ICU at Home For Elders
ICU at Home For Elders

Ensure Better Intensive Care For Elders With In-Home Caring Service

 As elders age, they start losing their ability to perform tasks, become weak, and get vulnerable to certain diseases. In certain serious cases, they need critical care and even ICU support to survive. While elderly people are forced to bear pain due to illness, their care becomes a big responsibility for family members, especially in the case of hospital admissions.

Are you also having elders at home to look after? If yes, let us tell you that you can make critical care for elders easier with aged person care at home services.

ICU at Home For Elders

The Intensive Care Unit or ICU, also known as the Critical Care Unit or CCU, is a specialized unit in a hospital where critically ill patients or seriously injured are referred to as doctors, clinical nurse specialists, dieticians and physical and is placed for intensive medical treatment by a specialized team of respirators.

In terms of ICU’s higher medical staff to patient ratio and availability of advanced medical resources, ICU care differs from a regular medical unit in a hospital. Some of the conditions treated in ICU care include acute respiratory distress syndrome, trauma or ventilator support, or life support systems.

Benefits of ICU at Home

  • Maximum comfort and care for seriously ill patients

Proper medical care and comfort are the most important requirements for critically ill patients. The critical care nursing ensures that the critically ill patient receives the best medical attention, care, and maximum comfort. With ICU care at home, your beloved family member will receive the right attention at your home at all times.

  • Caring for your family members in your absence

If your loving parents, grandparents, or any other family member requires significant care at home, then you don’t need to worry, just call a professional nurse for your beloved family member.

  • More affordable than hospital

ICU in-home services are economical compared to routine ICU care in hospitals and with the progress of health services, you do not have to worry about the quality of critical care at home. Such professional services also provide superior ICU in-home facilities, at an affordable rate, without compromising on the quality of care.

 Increasing Trend Of ICU at Home In India

Over the last few years, professional in-home caring services for the elderly have become very popular in India. These services majorly include 24×7 doctors, ICU at home, post-operative care and health support staff at home.

ICU at home or nursing service has emerged as the biggest support system for elders who live alone. For patients suffering from certain diseases and need intensive care, health care services like this are not less than a miracle.

Professional Intensive Care: An Affordable Way of Patient Care

It is not an easy job to take care of patients at home. But with professional intensive care at home, you can easily overcome the challenges of aged care. Interestingly, these services are super affordable and stress-free.

These services come up with different subscription plans along with a variety of facilities. From healthcare facilities to emergency care, professional nurses bring it all to your doorstep.

Final words

If you need nurses for ICU care, heart care, cancer care, or want to know exactly about the in care home services, that elders need, then just get connected with Emoha. Here, you get only the best and most reliable nursing care, for your beloved elder members at home.

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