Children's Brain Development

 Children love games. They can spend hours playing them. And since their brains are developing, they tend to learn while playing. After all, games aren’t just mediums to have fun, but they play a vital role in the growth of children’s brains.

Here is a list of some games that are fun and also help in brain development:

1. The Memory Game

This game helps a lot to boost the concentration power of children. You can play a variety of memory games with them. You can either have the children memorize the names of continents, oceans, animals and birds or get some number cards and have them remember numbers in ascending or descending order and ask them to keep the cards in order.

2. The Maze Game

This game is all about finding a route to the end of the maze and exiting. It’s simple and is easily available in activity books and mobile apps or you can create it on your own. This game helps to improve the problem-solving ability of your children as they try finding another route when their first attempt doesn’t work out.


Ludo game with Snakes and Ladders

This is a simple and fun game to play with your children. This game will help you understand and improve their social skills. You can observe if they’re patient or violent and teach them how to deal with defeat and win patiently.

4. Hide and Seek

Children love to play this classic game. It is not only fun but also helps the kids develop their logical ability. While playing this game, they’ll eventually learn how to seek a safe place to hide.

5. Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a fun game that has an assembly of peculiar shaped interlocking pieces. This game requires a lot of concentration and patience. It helps to improve memory and make the children more thoughtful and patient and they also gain problem-solving skills.

6. Word Formation from the last alphabet given

This is a super fun game that includes a lot of learning. In this game, you give them a word, for example, Apple, and they have to say a word from the last alphabet given, for example, Elephant. This improves vocabulary skills and increases their knowledge of spelling words. As English is an international language, for non-native speakers, it will also be beneficial as they learn it in a fun way.

7. Story Making from words

In story making from words, you give them a few words of which they’ll make a story. This is an entertaining way to increase the creativity of children. It will also improve their grammar and they’ll learn new words. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about what words to give them, go there to the link below: Random Name Generator in Singapore.

8. Find That Thing

To play this game, say the name of an object nearby and ask children to point out the correct object. The game also requires physical activity and improves the comprehension skills of your children.