General Publications and Reference Guides

General publications and reference guides are an essential part of the research. ENCS stands for Early National Curriculum Standards. These publications layout in simple to understand terms, the objectives of the curriculum, and the methods that will be using to teach it. The most commonly used of these texts are the Common Core Standards for English at Home and College, the Reading Program for K-12, and the National Assessment for Existing Sample Academic Competencies (NAES) for students from kindergarten up through twelfth grade. Other important texts include the National Association for Teachers of Mathematics (NAT) and The International Standards for Mathematics (ISEM).

To meet the standards outlined in these documents, teachers must incorporate all the instructional methods specified by the national or state curricula. These standards and instructional strategies may vary from state to state and even from school district to school district. In many cases, local educators will adapt or create their instructional guidelines, which they teach to parents and guardians and used in classrooms.

National Science Education Standards

In addition to the textbooks mentioned above, many other informational references fall under the auspices of ENCS. For example, an instructional manual for a specific subject can be categorized under instructional texts, reference guides, or both. Some of the most commonly used instructional manuals are the New England Common English Textbook (NEET), the eighth-grade National Reading Test (NELT), and the ninth-grade National Application Learning Assessment (NAAL) for students in the United States. The National Science Education Standards (NASE) is another viral text used as a resource for educators across the country. In addition to the nationally recognized readers mentioned above, many other informational materials are also used by educators.

Instructional Materials

General educational materials that are part of the ENCS collection include texts on critical thinking, grammar, reading and writing, science, geography, science education, physical science, and psychology. There are also textbooks on many other subject areas, including business, technology, government, and health care, proven to be helpful teaching tools. On the other hand, educational films, videos, music, art, and television shows fall into instructional materials. These, too, have been proven helpful in the teaching of many subjects.


General Publications includes many different types of reference publications. For example, journals and books are essential reference materials for many disciplines. In addition to the reference mentioned above, many encyclopedias provide a wealth of information on virtually every topic. Reference publications include medical magazines, business publications, philosophy, technology, engineering, and law.

Educational journals are among the most popular publications used as reference materials. Academic journals are written primarily for the use of professors and teachers. They are written to answer specific questions of a general nature and may be used for research purposes. Academic textbooks on different topics and disciplines also fall under the category of educational publications. Many scholarly books are used as textbooks for schools and colleges, and they are a valuable source of information for those interested in learning.

Technical Publications

The technical publications provide information about various processes and technologies. Engineering publications deal with the design, development, and manufacture of different scientific and technological systems. Medical journals deal with the latest in medical science. They are informative and provide tips and facts about various diseases, their treatments, and prevention methods.

Many children’s books are published as children’s books, and they are usually written for children and teenagers. They are used as story material or as motivating aid for reading by children. General reading publications are also used throughout the world for a variety of reasons. They include guides to help visitors identify different countries and cultures, historical information and news, and many more. They are essential sources of information on various topics and are used by people from all walks of life.

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