Having a good and impressive decorum is always an ideal matter during our appointments, or should we call it a date.
Having a good and impressive decorum is always an ideal matter during our appointments, or should we call it a date.

Having a good and impressive decorum is always an ideal matter during our appointments, or should we call it a date. Whatever the purpose of it, we want to project that kind of indispensable look that will remark our figure.

No doubt that having an outstanding getup could truly boost our confidence and poise, which allows us to show the truth about ourselves. Likewise, it helps us to be the person that we want to project without having fear to be judged, or even rejected. As many say that “don’t judge the book by its cover,” the reality is that there is always a concept of the first impression that explains a little glimpse of our personality and perceptions. As this could also be the manifestation of our expressions, you want it to match with yourself. Now, let us discover what are the things that we should consider for our date getup.

  1. Wristwatch

It could be just classy and simple; elegant and formal. The idea here is that it must truly match the style that we want or the personality that we have. As there are lots of types of wristwatches that emerged over time, we cannot ensure their authenticity, durability, and originality just by looking at them. To guarantee, those attributes along with its elegant, vintage, classic, or even formal and casual designs, you want to discover your wristwatch match with the TWC’s Oris Watch collection. What makes the Oris collection perfect for anyone is that ensures that it offers the essential characteristics that a wristwatch should have. The stability, authenticity, and originality; everything was there along with its unique sophistication. For more than a century of its existence and never-ending elegance, the company has improved a lot with it without leaving the classic design that it had started. The key concept that everyone loves here is that the wristwatches from the collection have their own suitable field across industries of aviation, water sports, and music among others. As time is ticking, the reimagination for everything is endless with Oris that as a matter of fact, it introduced almost a dozen of its new wristwatch designs in 2019.

  1. Casual clothes

Always remember that during our dates, we want it to be interactive and casual. What makes an engaging conversation is that having a comfortable atmosphere that is free from intimidation or even insecurity. It is quite good to be impressive but what a too impressive one could lead to a thought of a ‘high maintaining’ character. Always consider an area for comfortability as it will allow you and your date to bring out the authenticity and sincerity from everything you guys could say and act. To guide you, go for that converse, casual white shoes, and choose the tops attire that you got.

  1. That classic shirt and jeans

If you will be on a dinner or movie date, keep it simple yet still impressive and comforting. While a piece of timepiece or necklace would suffice, those tops and bottoms could be ideally humble and modest. Everything is fine here as long as you make sure it is not that exaggerated and overrated. What makes a modest getup are those ones that are just simple or easy to find. A shirt or jeans are great and that would be just truly warm and sympathetic. You may also consider that maxi dress or a cute jacket. It would truly depend on your personality and perspective.

  1. That little black dress

Are you guys going out for a drink? Then you must just be form-fitting while still looking lovely and charming without misinterpreting to please and impress. What keeps a great attire concept for it is that classic little black dress. The idea of its simplicity is quite extraordinary and elegant, without compromising its comfortability to wear and loveliness to see. While wearing it, you can want to design your eyes with those subtle smokey makeup strokes and a bun hair design. What is important here is that you could be looked carefree and attractive while just being simple, easing, and charming.

  1. Denim on coffee dates

Coffee dates are indeed perfect for every kind of date. First, everybody loves the aroma of it; second, you could talk about lots of things without being bored, perhaps because of the caffeine. But beyond, what is great here is that you could just be simple and classy for having that denim jacket on a casual shirt. As you will go for that light, stress-relieving, and breathable setting of the coffee shop, you also want to match the mood with your getup, right? Wear that top attire and make sure you got that casual white or converse shoes for the bottoms. Show your wavy hair and everything is done. Have a cheerful and interactive date!

  1. Jackets and trousers

Rainy and winter dates are fun as everything would just be a chilling moment. In this case, it means you must go for that comforting and warming jacket or shrug partnered with jeans or trousers. You also want to consider that classy, soft scarf. For bottoms, make sure it does not compromise the idea of getting soaked with the water or splinters of snow. You will decide, but surely a pair of white shoes is not good for you here. The very idea of winter and rainy-friendly attire is to secure a comforting, warming, and securing atmosphere while still exhibiting that lovely and classy concept of your getup.


As we are all troubled about what to wear on a date, what is essential here is that we don’t sacrifice our comfortability. Another thing is that it would truly match our personality which will bring out the confidence and poise from our inner selves. Lastly, it must not compromise the sincerity and authenticity that we should exhibit from the very first. As dates are crucial for us to further know the people that we want to know, it must also be a pathway for us to introduce ourselves from who we truly are.