office management

Many countries, all over the world are affected due to pandemic Covid 19. So, now various companies are using office management tools in their offices for security and safety purposes. Tools such as guest management software, surveillance systems, facial recognition, and others have become a need for various offices. Additionally, these tools make the work easier in offices, facilitate physical distance, and offer a lot more benefits. So, in this post, we are giving you a list of Office Management Tools for the Post COVID-19 Office.

  1. Visitor Management System

In the offices, the digitalization of processes is again the protagonist in this pandemic situation and is one of the most significant office management tools as well. Touchless Visitor Management System replaces the paper book in your office and offers a fantastic visitor experience. This system gives visitors an excellent first impression with its instinctive user interface and modern design. Moreover, this system is easy to use as well as makes the check-in process fast and efficient

  1. Surveillance systems with AI

Video surveillance systems that are combined with artificial intelligence deep learning methods allow us to caution of probable crowding as well as non-compliance with social distancing. You can accompany these systems with mobile applications so that they can help in maintaining social distance in an efficient manner. Furthermore, cameras can also be equipped with Artificial Intelligence and contribute to sense the use of masks as their use is compulsory in the monitored space.

  1. Facial recognition

Many employees are used to entering their workplace with an access card and visitor badge software. Both these software play an important role in the workplace but they may involve physical contact that must be avoided at any cost because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Facial recognition and artificial vision enable this task as both the systems help organizations to identify their employees, visitors, and other people who visit the workplace even if they are wearing a mask. Thus, technology makes it possible to recognize the visitors or employees who come and open the doors without touching the handles.

  1. Temperature Screening Kiosks

Due to the Covid 19, it has become a necessity to check the temperature of each and every visitor and employee while they enter the workplace. Thermographic cameras installed at the entrances to the offices assist workforces to know their body temperature when they enter the premises.  This process can be done individually, or in groups of numerous people at once with a fixed system. Therefore, these temperature screening kiosks provide the safety to the other employees as it decreases the risk of spreading the infection to others.

# Final Words

The coronavirus crisis is forcing workplaces to quickly adopt new systems for the extra safety of employees and visitors. The work environment is not the same after COVID 19, so there is very much importance of Office Management Tools. You can install or use systems like guest management software, sensors, thermal screening, and other tools in your workplace. Hence, we hope that the list given above will help in gaining your knowledge regarding the different office management tools for the post-covid-19 workplace.