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Are you curious to know how Hollywood celebrities earn money from Instagram? If yes, then you just landed at the right place. In terms of earning, everybody can generate an income from Instagram, but when it comes to celebrities they’ve more opportunities.

You can also become a celebrity on Instagram if you use your talent and skill wisely. Here in this article, we will learn about the techniques Hollywood celebrities use to earn a lot through their Instagram handle. Therefore, without further ado, let’s jump into the topic.

How Does Engagement Work for Them?

Hollywood celebrities already have a huge fandom, so their following and engagement increase automatically and frequently. You can notice that stars pose in different styles; they prefer to show their luxurious life and happy moments to highlight how delighted they are.

Well, that’s the way they try to enter our subconscious mind and promote a product. That is called subconscious sponsorship. They get paid sponsorships for products such as teeth whiteners by posing with beautiful teeth so that people also use the same product.

Matt Kirschner who is the partner of Mike Heller, the founder of the Talent resources said in a statement: “Instagram provides us tracking mechanism and analytics through which we can measure what people are watching and report it to the companies so that the brands acquire us to promote particular things.”


Sponsorships are the goldmine and the best way to earn money from Instagram. Hollywood celebrities post their pictures using some products. As they have a huge fandom, people like to buy those products because they consider celebrities as a genuine source and trust them.

These endorsements are not free, and celebrities charge a huge amount in return. The companies that spend money to promote a brand through a celebrity generally get a high return on investment.

Sponsorship is not the only way with which a Hollywood celebrity can earn. The more trust and relationship they build with the audience and follow the sponsorship provider’s guidelines, the higher a celebrity can earn. The main asset of celebrities is normal people like us.

They promote anything in return for money and sometimes trick our subconscious minds so that we opt to buy that kind of product and benefit those companies and eventually celebrities.


While promoting a product or brand, celebrities also have to follow some conditions. They use proper hashtags mainly provided by the brands to reach more and more audiences, and the company gets a higher profit in return.

If the celebrities don’t add the required hashtags on their promotion posts, it will be useless. Many hashtags can reach a higher audience. Like #Ad, #Partner, #Challenge, or they choose any other popular hashtags that tend to reach us. And in the end, people run to stores to purchase those products or services.

Some Other Important Criteria Celebrities Follow

While giving a promotional post, a celebrity needs to have great followers and have a good relationship with them. People must consider him as an idol and have trust in him. The celebrity who has greater engagement will simply earn more money. A celebrity whose reputation or popularity is not excellent can’t earn much.

As indicated by Kirschner and Heller, it occurs in an assortment of ways. At times big brands use the seeding technique that means sending their items to several celebrities. That allows them to give it a shot and get paid to post that stuff. Now again, the company and the management group of the celebrity gather for a final decision and make an arrangement.

How Much They Earn?

Well, the income of the celebrity depends on some factors such as how many followers they have, Hashtags they use, the timing of the posts, the way they get comments on Instagram, and relationship of the celebrity with their followers, and so on.

The Vanderpump rules exposed that they earn 2000 to 15000 US dollars for every single post. Although, the figure is not the same for everyone and alters according to popularity and fan following. According to BBC, Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock” has topped the rich list of Instagram. In the last year, the wrestler-turned-actor charged advertisers more than $1million per post on Instagram.


In the end, you can understand that celebrities mainly earn based on their connection with people. Celebrities can promote a brand by just posting some simple and ordinary pictures of them with the product they want the viewers to buy.

But one thing you have to keep in mind that people like us are the main asset of their income from social media platforms like Instagram. So next time, when you see a picture of a celebrity on Instagram, you know the ultimate motive of the celebrity you love; he or she simply wants to earn money by influencing you to spend money on some merchandise.