Validity Period of Police

Tasmania boasts of the forest, water, minerals, and tourist resources, establishing a diverse economic activity and stable labour opportunities. Employment in Tasmania has increased by 8.3 per cent in the past year, with major contributors being the manufacturing, service and telecommunication industries. In recent years, police checks in Tasmania have become an important aspect of the hiring process to provide the companies and employers with an insight into the criminal history (or lack of) of applicants. A police check is also used as clearance for various vocational positions, people seeking immigration and visas, renting. But is it a one-time thing, and who would need one?

Does a Police Check Have an Expiration Period?

No. There is no standard period for which the police check remains valid. The report only comes with the date it was issued and not an expiration date. The National Police Check in Tasmania is considered a criminal history check at a point in time. It covers the examination done regarding the criminal history of the person up until that point in time. Anything done after would not be included in it. This means that the information in a police check does not officially expire, but the information may get outdated as days go by. It wouldn’t be up to date on any new information or offences added to the police record after the check. Therefore, the information reported in the document is accurate only up to the date and time of the issue.

How Do Companies Determine the Validity of a Police Check? 

The purpose behind doing a police check is to determine the criminal history of a person to help understand their social personalities and ensure the safety of the company and the employees. So, the organisations who request a police check must determine the timeframe in which they would accept the police check to be valid. This is usually drafted in the company policy and points about what reports they will and will not accept and when they need to be updated. They will have to inform potential candidates about this timeframe and if they need to update National Police Check.

Is One Police Check Valid for Different Jobs?

No. One cannot use a police check done for one for other jobs. The results of a police check vary depending on the reason that one is requesting the document. Police authorities assess the individual through the proper legislation based on the complete disclosure provided by the applicant about the reason for the police check. For example, they would require the disclosure of all prior convictions and charges for child-related work, but for an office worker, they would not require the disclosure of some past offences. As the police check is purpose or job-specific, it cannot be used for multiple jobs. While switching jobs, companies usually request for a fresh police check to get an up to date report on the person’s criminal history.

Do Criminal Records Have an Expiration Date? 

In Australia, there is no expiration date for criminal records. An individual’s criminal record never gets erased. But for some offences, the judicial authorities provide a timeframe for its disclosure. All the Australian states and territories have their legislation concerning the limit of disclosing some information after a particular point of time that falls under the spent convictions legislation. There is a 10-year ‘waiting period’ for adults after the offence when an individual must not commit any further offences. After this, the conviction will be regarded as ‘spent’ and would not appear in the police check unless the company specifically requests the information for safety reasons.